Archery Safety Rules

Must Learn Archery Safety Rules You Need to Know

Archery is considered one of the safest sports in the world. You will be surprised to know that archery is three-time safer than the golf and the injury statistics is also much lower than other games, and only 1 injury occurs in every 2000 participants.

Though it’s a piece of satisfactory news, the chances of occurring accidents are lower than other sports, but it doesn’t mean that it’s entirely safe. Before practicing archery make sure that your archery is secure and you know all the archery safety rules.

Besides, by practicing archery rules and scoring you are not only ensuring your safety but also keeping your archery equipment’s safe.

Most Significant Archery Safety Rules

There is no doubt that by practicing archery we can spend some quality time. But before doing that, make sure that your archery is safe.

Before Practicing archery

  • Firstly, make sure that all your equipment is ready.
  • Make sure that, the range is clear and follow archery range rules
  • Wear all the safety guards like finger tab, arm guard, etc.
  • Use an archery backstop behind the target to stop all the missed arrows
  • If you carry a gun when you Practicing archery then your need to carry a portable biometric gun safe too for your safety and security.

After shooting archery

  • Only point your arrow to the target and only shoot when you are ready.
  • Weight until the range is clear.
  • Try not to shoot on others target.
  • Before proceeding towards your target, make sure that everyone has done with their shooting.
  • Only pull your arrow from the target.
  • Pull your arrow straight to avoid any damage on your arrow.

Keep all your arrows in the quivers and your bow in your bow case. Make sure that the bow case is sturdy.

Other Necessary safety rules and Precautions

Archery is one of the most played sports in The united states, but you need to know that, in many states, Bow and arrows considered as firearms and apply the safety rules. So, you definitely need to see the archery rules.

  • In case of longbows and recurve bows, store them after unstringing the bow.
  • In case of longbows and recurve bows, store them after unstringing the bow.
  • Only point the bow and arrow towards your target and make sure that the range is clear.
  • Only nock your pointer when it’s completely safe, and you are ready to shoot.
  • Before start practicing archery make sure that there is no one in front or behind the target.
  • Never shoot an arrow on the air.
  • Always use an arrow when you draw your bow. Never dry fire your bow because it will not only damage your bow, but there is always a possibility of injuring the archer.
  • Always use appropriate safety equipment. Try to use an armed guard or finger tab to avoid an accident
  • Try not to cross the maximum draw length of your bow because it may cause severe damage to your bow.
  • In the beginning, stage try to use less draw weight bow, and after practicing a certain period of time, it would be wise to shift to higher draw weight bow.
  • Always use an ideal arrow length arrow. Don’t go for too short arrows because it may become the reason for your injury.
  • When you pull off your arrows, make sure that no one is practicing in that area.
  • Inspect your equipment’s regularly and try to fix it before using them. Or else it may permanently damage your equipment’s.
  • Try to keep your emotions under control while shooting an arrow.
  • Never practice archery after drinking alcohol or don’t take any kinds of mood-altering drugs.
  • Before using the bows, regularly check the bow strings, riser, and limbs. Because these are some of the basic parts of your bow and any defects will cost not only your money but also your health.

Practice more and more to be a skilled archer

These are some of the rules that every archer must follow. But children under 12 ages should practice archery under their parent’s supervision. In that archery safety rules for kids remains the same. But the parents supervise the execution of those rules.

So, we must say that archery is undoubtedly a great source of joy and enjoyment. But we all should remember that safety comes first. These are not the Olympic archery rules but some of the basic archery rules that every archers and hunter must follow. 

Because of these safety rules, it is known as one of the safest sports where in many states in the united states bow and arrows considered as a firearm.

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