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Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow – Handmade Hunting Bow Review

If you see a bow in naked eyes, a bow looks like a simple bow, nothing else. You draw, fix target and shoot. Well, it’s not that easy too. Once you touch the bow as an expert mind, you will able to find the difference between ordinary and good one. Precisely this happened when we touch the “Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow Handmade Hunting Bow ” the first time. It was held breathless by this magnificent piece of equipment.

The limbs come with a gorgeous looking leather wrapping, and handcrafted artistry bring pure beauty and durability, giving this piece a one of a kind look and feel.

We will discuss more on this unique Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow Handmade Hunting Bow in the below part of our reviews. Hope you will stay with us until the end of this article.

Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow
  • Draw weight: 30 pounds to 55 pounds
  • Bow Length: 51 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right
  • Draw Length: Max. 33 inches
  • Riser made of Red beech or Acacia wood

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Features of Huntingdoor Traditional Longbow

Composite Riser

The riser of this Huntingdoor Bows is an integral part of the whole bow, which is a composite center shot type made of best quality Red beech or Acacia wood collected from Asian forests. The 130cm (51-inch) bow is a perfect length for a 5’-5’’ height archer to grip it easily for comfortable shooting.

There is the hassle of assembling and disassembling because of a single piece bow. Additionally, the integrated design allows optimum hand placement for both right-handed and left-handed person to shoot. So, you no need to think much about the hand orientation as like other bows in the market.


Like we said it is a single piece longbow, the arms are a unique part of the whole bow. Hence, as like riser, wings of this durable traditional hunting bow made of wood.

Top of that the limbs of Huntingdoor hunting  Longbow covered with high strength transparent epoxy resin fiberglass sheet which makes it bendable but tough to break. 

It is also suitable for use in all-weather condition. Moreover, the materials and handcraft make the bow an outstanding shooting longbow.

Draw Weights

Huntingdoor 51″ is a great hunting bow comes with draw weights ranging from 30 to 55 pounds in five different sizes 5lb increment. It is also an excellent forgiving bow allow 2-3cm measurement error during hunting.

Hence, you use this bow to hunt any small or big game like a rabbit or wild turkey and deer or elk naturally.

Though the operation of a longbow is a bit tricky, this Huntingdoor small weights 30+ pounds allow young archer age up 18 years to shoot with this smoothly. 

Moreover, the lightweight design provides optimal performance in the field of archery and target shooting.


Hard-wearing but lightweight longbow comes with high stability and comfortable grip which allows you are shooting correctly on the target.

With this traditional recurve bow you can pull maximum draw length of 33 inches which will help you to generate excellent arrow speed. Classic recurve style will allow you to shoot correctly for fly-in or remote-area hunts.

All the fantastic features make it’s a model bow for both hunting and target shooting. For lightweight, though it is easy to carry the one piece bow makes it a little challenging to move a long distance in the woods.


As like other longbows Huntingdoor bow will also not comes with the pre-drilled condition to allow any add-ons. However, it comes with a bowstring and two target paper.


Arrow is a vital part of any hunting game. Once you choose the Huntingdoor longbow, it will eliminate your tension about arrow kinds. Because, Huntingdoor itself is a master to manufacturing different types of arrows like broadhead – for the big game, Hunting carbon arrows – for speed and strength, wooden arrows – for the hunt with style and bamboo shaft – for a traditional flavor.

Once you measure the arrow length based on your drawback length, you can buy your preferable arrows from the house of Huntingdoor.

Table For Some Traditional Longbows

Bow Name



Bow Length

Bow Weight

Draw Weight


SAS Pioneer Longbow Right Hand Wooden 68 Inch. 2.6 lbs. 35-55 lbs. Our Review
Hungarian handmade Longbow Left&Right Wooden 57 Inch. 2.8 lbs. 20-110 lbs. Our Review
SAS Robinhood longbow Left&Right Wooden 60  Inch. 2.0 lbs. 30-35 lbs. Our Review

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Q1: Does this bow come with accessories?Ans: No, this is a long bow and not possible to drilled. So it will not allow any attachments.Q2: Is there any bowstring and arrow in the box?Ans: The Huntingdoor supplies bowstring with this bow package, but unfortunately they will not provide any arrows in the box as like others bow suppliers.Q3: Is it suitable for ambidextrous?Ans:  Yes. The bow designed for optimum hand placement which allows both left and right-hand orientation shooter.


  • 18 years or up users able to use
  • Easy for storage and carriage
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters
  • Ideal for both hunting and target shooting all year round.
  • Available in different sizes from 30 and 55 pounds that suit the users
  • Outstanding bow and bowstring feature offer a low range price. So the hunter can use and lead a stylish line of work

Cons With Solution

Huntingdoor longbow is one of the best hunting bows we ever reviewed. We say this based on the customer feedback. And found no negative feedback about this bow. We also talked with some customer who used it, and they are highly satisfied.

Comparison With Other Longbow

Huntingdoor Longbow vs Pigskin Handmade Traditional Longbow 

Pigskin offers a wide range of draw weights: 20-110lbs to choose and featured with 137cm body length, 132cm String Length, 28 inches Draw Length, and 33 inches Safe Draw Length.

The Pigskin handmade traditional longbow crafted with good quality pigskin, Cow leather, Glass steel, and Beechwood. It also comes with an instruction bow about how to String.

So, if you want a more extensive range of drawback weights for a future extension then go for Pigskin longbow. However, Huntingdoor is not a bad option other than the size.

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After measure all the above features we can say that if you are passing a bit tight condition on a budget and you also like traditional Chinese recurve bows, then you will be happy to see the Huntingdoor recurve bow offer. Overall it is a good bow for beginner and hunters.

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