PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit Review | Fishing Bow

Hunting is a great pleasure for every archer. That’s why those who love archery spend an extended period to target practice and hunting. But some archery lovers like to use recurve-bow in fishing also. There are several fishing bows available in the market, and among all of them, the pse kingfisher bowfishing kit is one of the best for me.

The bow is lightweight, durable, and reliable and easy to transport. It is an ideal pick for both beginners and experts. So, those who have a huge fascination for fishing with bows, this might be an excellent choice for them.

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

  • Draw Weight: 35, 40, 45 & 45 lbs
  • Bow Length: 56 Inches
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Bow Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • Riser: fiberglass
  • Arrow Length: 32 Inches

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Pse Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit – Features & Details

The PSE Kingfisher Recurve Bow is a multipurpose recurve bow which can also use for hunting deer as well as fishing. Besides that, it contains some of the unique features which make it a number one choice for every archer.

Eye Catchy Design

It is a classy looking takedown recurve bow. The bow is an all-season camo bow which looking attractive and those who want to use it as a hunting purpose; they can easily hide with it in the jungle (if they wear a camo suit). The bow can also fit with an arrow rest and a mounted fishing reel.

The takedown feature makes it easy to transport. As it is a bow fishing recurve bow so you will have to travel a lot for fishing purpose. So, this takedown feature will surely help you a lot.

Quality Riser and Limbs

It is a right hand recurve bow, so you have to hold the riser with your left hand and draw the bow with your right hand. The bow comes from top quality material, which ensures its durability and reliability. The riser provides a perfect grip, and you can shoot accurately because of the arrow rest.

The pse kingfisher limbs are manufactured from quality material, which makes them durable. As it is a takedown recurve bow, so you may change the draw weight by changing the limbs.

Suitable Draw weight for fishing

The bow comes with a wide range of draw weight from 30 to 45 pounds. The higher draw weight ensures long-distance fishing and hunting. As it is a multipurpose recurve bow, so in the offseason, you can use this bow to hunt deer or practice on the target. It allows you to multitask with a single bow and saves a lot of your money.

Bow weight and Bow length

It is a lightweight recurve bow which makes it an ideal pick for the beginners. The bow is approximately 2.5 pound’s weight, and because of it, the beginners can easily handle to bow.

Besides, it’s 60 inches long recurve bow which makes it an ideal choice. Longer bows are more accurate and easy to shoot.

Comes with a fishing arrow

The pse king fisher bowfishing kit comes with a single piece fiberglass arrow. It is 32 inches long, and you can attach it with your fishing reel. The arrow point ensures a higher rate of penetration, which is essential in the case of bow fishing. If you want to buy quality fishing arrow you may read this article:

Mounted fishing reel

It comes with a fishing reel which can be mounted in on the bow. The recurve bowfishing reel has 50 feet and 80-pound line which ensures long-range fishing experience.


The pse kingfisher bow is undoubtedly a great recurve bow, and you can expect exceptional performance. It is accurate, lightweight, and multipurpose. Its high draw weight ensures long-range fishing, and in the offseason, you can use it for hunting a deer. As it’s a takedown recurve bow, so transportation is also simple.

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  • The bow has a wide range of draw weight
  • All season camo furnished.
  • A Snap Shot arrow rest and fishing reel mounted on the bow.
  • It’s a multipurpose bow.
  • Long fishing line.
  • It comes at an affordable price.

Cons with Solution 

  • The strings are quite noisy.

Solution: You can replace it with FastFlight strings, or you can use a string silencer to minimize the noise of the bow.


Q1. How loud is the bow?Ans: The bow is quite loud unless you use a string silencer.

Q3. What is the bowfishing kit contains?Ans: The bow kit contains a riser, a pair of limbs, a fishing arrow, a mounted fishing reel, arrow rest, and a string.

Q4. What type of material is used to produce the riser and limbs?Ans: The bow comes from high-quality fiberglass.

Q5. Can I use it for hunting a deer?Ans: Yes, the pse kingfisher bow comes with a 45 pounds draw weight which is enough to shot down a deer.

Pse Kingfisher Bow Vs. Cajun Fish Stick Pro

A comparison between “Cajun Fish Stick Pro Recurve Bowfishing Kit and the pse kingfisher bowfishing recurve bow is given bellow.

The Cajun Fish Stick Pro recurve bow is a nice looking takedown recurve bow. It is 56 inches long and comes with 45 pounds draw weight. The riser is made of aluminum, and the limbs come with composite material.

A fishing reel is mounted on the riser. It is also multipurpose recurve bow, and you can use an arrow rest if you want.

In terms of durability, the Cajun Fish Stick Pro recurve bow may win the battle, but if you overall compare between those arrows, then pse bowfishing bow undoubtedly wins the war.

Final Words on Pse Kingfisher Review

It is a fantastic recurve bow which comes at an affordable price tag. It is lightweight and can easily use by beginners as well as the experts. The best part of the bow is, it can use as both fishing and hunting bow.

The pse kingfisher bow not only a budget bow but also best in terms of quality. So, if you are looking for an ideal fishing bow, then pse kingfisher bowfishing kit can be a wise choice.

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