Samick Sage Package

Samick Sage Package Review

Do you love the best recurve bows manufactured by the Samick? Are you looking for something more unique and gorgeous from the same Samick? Then the Samick Sage Package is for you. Own the chart-topping traditional archery bow in the U.S! If once you shoot by the 62-inches Sage Deluxe, you could easily compare why it’s so popular.

The unmatchable quality wooden recurve bow is an excellent option for the beginning as well as a serious archer.

Ready 2 shoot package brings all necessary archery attachments in a nice box allows you to play immediately after open the pack.

Samick Sage Ready 2 Shoot Package

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Features Of Samick Sage Package

The Samick Sage 2 package comprises all necessary elements like arrows, strings, quiver everything you need to shoot.


The main attraction of the Samick sage bow is its incredible designed wooden riser. It made of Olive Dymondwood, Oak, and Hard Maple lamination. It also equipped with a single tapered knob and metal limb pocket.


The package includes 2 piece classic looks attractive limbs made of hard Maple with black fiberglass, and independently sourced from select suppliers. Tips of the limbs reinforced with phenolic plastic.You have the option to choose your preferable flex size from its six different variations like 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, and 55#.


The package contains 3 premium quality carbon arrows. Those are 31.5’’ long and 4’’ feathers and insert installed, includes 100-gram tips. Feathers have a helical twist for improved arrow flight. Push in nocks allows for easy replacement and better tuning proficiency.

You will find variations in shaft materials as like 2 blue and a white feathers or 2 green and a white, 2 red and a white, and 2 yellow and a white combinations.

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Arrow Rest

will give you accurate shooting, proper tuning, and cop up with archer’s paradox.

Hard Case

All the accessories come in a stunning black color hard case which approved for airlines, lockable, includes built-in broadhead wrench and compartments for fittings.

Southwest Stringer Tool

Stringer is an essential tool for taking down and stringing any recurve bow, and Southwest Archery is a name of reliability in the bow industry. Southwest includes an instructional video link with its package, and it solely recommended for Sage 2 and Spyder.

Southwest Armguard

The Samick Sage Deluxe presented a 7½ inch arm guard with three clip buckles from renowned Southwest Archery, which comes ready to use in camouflage.

Hand Orientation

A right-handed bow is holding by your left hand, and the string pulled with the right hand. Left-handed bows held by the right hand and drew with the left hand.


  • Very nice and graceful appearance
  • Pre-installed with brush bushing
  • Full package for ready to shoot
  • Full-length arrow and proper arrow spine
  • Takedown
  • Lightweight and comfortable to shoot
  • brace height 7¼ – 8¼ inches will stretch more accuracy

Cons with solutions

  • High Price

Solution: As we said, it comes with all necessary accessories for ready to shoot in a beautiful black hard box, which increases its price a bit. If you compare with other packages of recurve bow, you can notice it, and it will not seems over budget anymore.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What’s the name of the arrow brand?

Ans.: The brand name of the arrows is Victory Archery.

Q. Is it a quiet bow or louder one?

Ans.: Sage 2 is not so much louder. However, you can use whisker or silencer to make it quieter.

Q. What is the draw length of Sage Deluxe?

Ans.: Usually, the draw length depends on folks pulling power. Whatever, the weights of Sage measured based on 28’’ draw length.

Final Verdict 

Though the price is a bit higher, the samick sage recurve bow kit is a sturdy and well-crafted recurve bow, which worth your money. It is a perfect bow for use by the beginner archers to expert one. The quality of this bow is incomparable too.

Samick has vast experience and excellent customer track record in the archery industry. Hence, you can believe it and do a one-time investment thinking for the future archery industry.

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