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According to JENNIFER BOURN “Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, and aggression, authority, rebellion, and sophistication. Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue”. The SAS Takedown Bow - Spirit 66" Black recurve is synonymous of those words in its nature. 

If you use this black recurve bow for just target practice or fun of child the elegance, formality, strength, authority, aggression, and mysteries nature comes first in our absent mind. On the other hand, power, fear, death, evil, rebellion, and sophistication comes when we use it for hunting games.

SAS Spirit 66 Black Recurve Bow

However, you can get a reflection of the above attributes in the features of SAS Spirit Recurve Bow. However, you can get a reflection of the above attributes in the features of SAS Spirit Recurve Bow as it made of most excellent quality Asian woods, maple lamination, and fiberglass combination which gives it strength, durability along with accurate shooting.

It also featured 22 to 34 pounds draw weight which is ideal for beginner archer as well as small hunting games and family fun.

Nonetheless, to ease your decision making below, We have shared some essential features of this fantastic bow step by step. Hope it will serve your purpose well.

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Specifications at a glance



Draw Weight

16,22, 26, 30, 34 lbs.

Bow Length

66 inches   

Bow Weight

2.5 lbs.


Right and left

Draw Length

Not Listed



Features of the SAS Takedown Bow

Quality Riser

Southland Archery Supply maintains the same quality for all of its recurve bow and Spirit 66 black is no exception. Alike other the riser made of three logs: Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea, and Beech. 

This three kinds of wood made the riser durable and sturdy enough for accurate shooting and withstood against hour-long training on daily by novice archers. It also makes the riser decent looking with a pale yellow to cream color finish.

The SAS Spirit 66″ Takedown Recurve Bow is come up with both hand orientation. Before choosing any recurve bow to purchase, do not forget to single out the correct model for you.

For the first time, buying one thing keep in mind that the right-handed bow means, you have to pull the string with your right hand while holding the bow with your left hand and vice versa.


Except for color, other features are same as like others Southland Archery Supply limbs. Yes, the wings of SAS spirit 66" Takedown Bow has blackened. However, like other, it is also made of maple lamination and fiberglass.

Fiberglass is an excellent technological innovation uses in new recurve bow models; it increases the flexibility and durability of weapons. Combination of maple wood with fiberglass makes the limbs stronger.

The limbs are a takedown and attach with riser with two good quality bolt and rubber washer. Thus, you can fit and open the arms with grip with less effort during travelling or when not in use. So, it is easy to carry.

Spirit black riser

Draw Weight

The spirit 66 commence with four different strength 22#, 26#, 30#, and 34#. By seeing this range, as of me, you may also think that the draw length 66-inch is not a perfect match with those poundages. Yes, you are right, a person with 6’ up height have enough strength to pull higher draw weights.

Whatever it, if you think like as the manufacture, then you can easily understand their motive, they design this bow entirely for the beginners rather than for hunting. So, for target practice, SAS Spirit 66 with a black limb is one of the best bow ever.


The overall performance of this black limbs bow is super. It is a quiet bow, forgiving in nature which allows you to shoot more accurate onto your target. The poundage will give you enough strength during hit the mark from a distance. 

Moreover, it is easy to carry due to its takedown attributes and come up with both hand orientation. No doubt, the performance is pretty average, but the decent accuracy and forgiveness of this bow help you to grow out your archery carrier very quickly.


The package carries a bow and a string only. However, the riser is pre-drilled for set necessary accessories like sight, quiver, stabilizer or arrow rest. Are you in confusion, what you buy additionally or not? Ok, let me give a chance to talk about this – first you should buy a knocking point to prevent arrow slippage and an arrow rest for smooth shooting.

You also have to acquire a target and arrows to start. All these things you will find easily on amazon Oh! You can also buy an armguard and a finger tab for your safety. You can also buy a string wax which helps you to keep your string new for a long time.

Table for All SAS Spirit Bow


Bow Name



Limbs Color

Draw Weight


SAS Spirit Bow Review

Left or Right



22-36 lbs.

SAS Spirit 66 Black Recurve Bow

Left or Right



16-34 lbs.

SAS Spirit 66 Take Down Recurve Bow

Left or Right



22-34 lbs.

SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow




20-36 lbs.

SAS Jr. Youth recurve bow




12-22 lbs.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q1: Is this bow package include a string?

Ans: Yes.

Q2: A person with body height 5’7’’ can operate this bow?

Ans: Yes, comfortable he or she can shoot with this bow.

Q3: Is it possible to mount a sight on it?

Ans: Yes, the riser comes with pre-drilled to allowing accessories like sight, quiver, stabilizer or arrow rest. So, you can attach sight on it quickly. 


  • Inexpensive and forgiving for novice archers
  • Lightweight and highly accurate
  • Durable and accessory-friendly

Cons with Solution

  • Not the Best Recurve Bow for Hunting

Solution: The range of draw weights of this recurve bow is prohibited in most of the zones to hunt animals. The southland archery specially designs this bow for a beginner for archery practice and fun games. The best part of this bow is its low price. So, besides buying this bow for your family members, if you are an expert archer, you can buy another one with little costlier.

  • The bowstring found frayed on arrival

Solution: It is true that the included Dacron string is not high quality. In the same time, it is unfortunate that the line found torn condition during unpacking. Hope it will not happen for all, it just an incident and the manufacturer or seller will be more careful during box in.

  • The hand grip sanded little bulky

Solution: The riser made of durable and good quality logs, but unfortunately the grip is not sanded well. So for better gripping, you may sander it by yourself or taking help of from nearer archery shop.

Comparison with Other Takedown  Bow

KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow vs. SAS Spirit 66’’​​​​​

If you are looking for a hunting bow in the same price range, then you can check out this KESHES 62’’ Recurve hunting bow. It comes with 15 to 50-pound draw weight, both hand orientation, 29 inches draw length and 7.75 to 8.5 inches brace height. All are perfect for hunting game.

KESHES 62’’ also featured with Impressive round edge Riser for smooth and comfy grip, Wooden Limbs layered with black fiberglass surround of it, Knob screws to attach the wings on the riser - so NO tools are required, Dacron bowstring, Stringer tool for easy and safety assemble - Stick on arrow rest and Eyesight for a perfect aim.

It has brush bushing for bow fishing. So, you can do target practice, hunting or bow fishing with this fantastic bow.

Final Opinion

As per customer review, it is an excellent bow for beginners to learn target shooting. It is true that everyone loves Sage, but in the budget and design point of view, “SAS Takedown Bow - Spirit 66" Black recurve bow” also a great bow. 

It is robust, accurate and best performer except for some very insignificant faults. Top of that the three years manufactures warranty help to increase the confident of any archer to buy this.

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