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Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers – Recurve Bow Makers

There are hundreds of brands in the market who are selling quality recurve bow. Some are new, and some are even 5 to 6 generation old. If you are a recurve bow user and you have pretty much knowledge about it, then you will notice that some top recurve bow manufacturers dominate the archery market.

The reason is quite simple, though. They have able to win the archers heard with their quality recurve bows. So, without wasting much time, We are going to short down some top recurve bow brands.

Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers List-

Here are some of the most popular brands in the USA who are selling recurve bows for more than a decade.

Bear Archery

Bear Archery is one of the best bow makers who are well known for producing top-quality recurve bow for youth as well as the experts. They have both cheap and expensive bow in their inventory. 

One of their flagship bows is “Bear Montana bow,” which mainly designed for expert hunters. It is manufactured from durable material, and you can shoot each arrow with a high rate of accuracy.

Samick Sports

They may not as popular as the Bear archery, but they are well known for producing bows with an affordable price tag. Their takedown bows are trendy and those who like to travel a lot with their bow, they might see the Samik sage bows.

The company established in 1975 and from then they are selling quality bows. Now they are selling in more than 50 countries. As we mentioned earlier, they are famous for their takedown recurve bow and among all the bows, the sage recurve bow. It is not only a top-quality recurve bow, but also it comes at an affordable price.

Martin Archery

The Martin archery brand is one of the oldest archery bow manufacturers in the market, and they have been producing recurve bows for more than 60 years. The company was established in 1951 with a group of skillful archers. They are one of the international brands who are supplying bows for more than a dozen countries.

After a couple of decades, they expand their archery production by purchasing the Damon Howatt Archery, in 1976 which expand their bow production line. As archery is a matter of practicing our traditional ways, their traditional bows are much better than other brands in the market. One of their famous recurve bows is “Martin Hunter Recurve Bow.”


You may have heard this name before because they are in this archery business for more than 80 years. They don’t limit their business only in recurve bows, but they also sell other archery related accessories. They also sell quality hunting and competition-bows.

PSE Archery

They are in this archery industry from 1970 with an excellent reputation for producing archery bows. The PSE company is in Tuscon, Arizona. Though they are expert in providing compound bows, still manage to manufacture some legendary traditional recurve bows. Among all other recurve bows, the PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow is a reliable model.

The Great Plains

Bill Forman founded the company, and it is in Pampa, Texas. The company comes in this position because of the hard work of its founder. Unlike other companies, in all company affairs, Bill Forman shows personal interest, and in all meeting with the clients, Bill never sends his representatives.

Because of the hard work of the founder, now we are seeing the “Great Plains Recurve Bow Green Mamba.” It is an amazing recurve bow with a catchy eye design. It is ideal for hunting and practice. There are only a handful bows in the market comparable to it.

Southwest Archery

Southwest archery is also one of the leading recurve bow brand who are known to produce affordable recurve bows. In most of the cases, the bargainers don’t want to buy a recurve bow. For those, the southwest archery is the number one choice.

They make recurve bows for expert as well as the youths. The quality of the bows is also impressive. They make takedown bow as well as traditional recurve bows. One of the popular southwest archery picks the “Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow“. It is meant for beginners to intermediate archers, and it comes at a reasonable price.

Black Widow Bows

Among the other recurve bows, they are famous for some other purpose. The Black Widow Bow company is well known as custom recurve bow makers. They provide the best customer service among all other recurve bow brand. In some cases, they allowed the archer to give a test drive before purchasing the recurve bow. 

Their bow comes from the top quality material with a high-quality string. They put a great effort to produce the perfect recurve bow for their client. But you should know that they take about ten weak to deliver the custom made recurve bows.

Predator Bows

Among the other recurve bow brands, they may not be so much popular. They began their archery journey in the 80s, and initially, their primary focus was to deliver spare parts to their customers. But later on, they started producing recurve bows. They are well known to produce quality takedown recurve bows.

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Final Verdict

In this modern era, the people of the world widely use the recurve bows. But each time we are looking forward to buying a recurve bow, most of us consider to buy from the best brands. All of these brands are well known and supply their product in multiple countries.

Among all of these brands, if you are running in low budget but do not want to compromise with the quality, then you should consider the Samik sports or the southwest archery. But if you’re going to build your own recurve bow, then you should look in Black Widow Bows. We hope after reading this article, you may have a clear idea about the recurve bow manufacturers in the USA.

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