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Tiger shark Recurve Bow Review – 60″ One Piece Bow

Nowadays, Tigershark One Piece Recurve Bow is one of the most popular traditional bows. Tiger shark recurve bow presents you the fast and accurate shooting, and comfortable no hand-shock features, thanks to its reflex/deflex design limbs and comparatively large riser.This one-piece hunting bow is designed and engineered by the same Samick Sage bow developers. It’s […]

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Samick Sage Package Review

Do you love the best recurve bows manufactured by the Samick? Are you looking for something more unique and gorgeous from the same Samick? Then the Samick Sage Package is for you. Own the chart-topping traditional archery bow in the U.S! If once you shoot by the 62-inches Sage Deluxe, you could easily compare why […]

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