Best Youth Recurve Bow Reviews

6 Best Youth Recurve Bow Reviews | Buying Guide in 2021

Archery is one of the best sports that you introduce your child to. Although this used to be a skill required for hunting and fighting, now it’s mostly a competitive sport. 

It’s not too expensive either. You just need a quality bow and access to an archery range. However, getting the right bow for your teenage kid can be tough. 

So, in this article, we’re going to share the best youth recurve bows that you can get for yourself or your kid to make your life easier.

Why recurve bows? These bows come with an outward curve right before the tip. Unlike the regular bows that come with one curve, these offer much superior power and accuracy. 

Plus, these can be much smaller than the regular bows to provide the same power. Also, the compact form makes it an appropriate bow for children.  

Now, we’ll share our top picks, and we’ll also discuss how you can pick the right one for your kid. 

Top 4 Best Youth Recurve Bow Comparison in 2021  

Image Product Name Details Price
SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Bow Draw Weight12-22 lbs
Bow Weight1.5 lbs 
Bow Length54 Inch
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Easton Youth Recurve Bow  Draw Weight10-20 lbs
Bow Weight3.38 lbs
Bow Length52 Inch
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TOPARCHERY 57″ Takedown Youth Bow  Draw Weight20-40 lbs
Bow Weight3.85 lbs
Bow Length57 Inch
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Bear Archery Titan Youth Bow  Draw Weight20-29 lbs
Bow Weight1.55 lbs
Bow Length60Inch
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The 6 Best Youth Recurve Bow Reviews 

Youth recurve bow sets come in all sizes and weights, and you’ll find the best choice for each size from this section. 

SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Wooden Archery Bow

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The SAS Spirit Jr 54” wooden archery bow is a beautiful recurve bow suitable for beginners. If you’re in search of the best recurve bow for youth, then you should consider this one. 

It comes with a riser made of quality Lamination wood. The limbs on this consist of a combination of maple lamination and strong European fiberglass. Fiberglass makes it flexible and strong. 

Due to the 54” size of the bow, it’s recommended that the archer be at least 5’4”, or he won’t be able to handle it properly. This model is available in both left and right-hand orientations. 

Quality RiserThe riser is made of high-quality lamination wood 
Pre-installed Brass BushingAdditional accessories like scopes can be installed easily due to these
High-Quality LimbsThe limbs are made of European fiberglass and Maple lamination and are long lasting
Suitable for AllComes in both right and left-hand orientations


Can be modded to fit additional accessories, providing great headroom for upgrade

Brass bushings are of high quality and will last long 

Fiberglass limbs provide great flex along with superior durability

Perfect for beginners as it comes with a minimum draw weight of 12 pounds

You will find an option for both left and right eye dominant archers


Not suitable for professional use as the draw length is only 28”

You have to clean it regularly for keeping the white limbs stain-free

Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Kit

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This one’s a very lightweight and versatile recurve bow kit. As it’s a full kit, you’ll get some required accessories other than the bow itself, thus making it a great choice for children’s archery bow

The accessories that you’ll be getting from this bow kit will help you get started, and it’ll help you in the long run too. There’s a hip quiver included in this pack, and it’ll let you carry a considerable number of arrows easily. 

You’ll also get an armguard that’ll protect your forearm from bruises. It also comes with a finger tab. The bow features a draw weight from 10 to 20 pounds, and the draw length can be maxed out to 26 inches. 

Ambidextrous DesignMakes it suitable for left and right-handed archers 
Custom StringThe custom Dacron string provides great accuracy
High-strength Polymer LimbsPolymer limbs are cheap yet effective
Quality QuiverYou’ll get a long-lasting performance from the durable quiver


An integrated sight channel will serve as a primary scope

Max 26” draw will help your child get quite a lot of power from this

Your child will get good stability out of the custom Dacron string

It’s ideal for beginners due to the 10-20 pound draw weight

Additional protective gear comes within the package; no need to buy separately


There’s a small amount of rattle that must be reduced using ortho foam

Number of provided arrows isn’t enough

TOPARCHERY Archery 57″ Takedown Youth Recurve Bow-Premium Pick

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The TOPARCHERY 57” Takedown is simply the best recurve bow for kids if you are willing to pay a premium price for top-notch quality. This bow was designed specially to provide an immense amount of power, and the bow is durable enough to provide this performance for a long time.

It comes with fiberglass limbs, and the arrows provided with the kit are made of fiberglass as well. The bow offers two arrow rests that let both left and right-handed archers use it without any problem. 

You’ll be getting a draw weight from 20 to 40 pounds from this bow. 

Extended Draw Weight RangeYou can get this in draw weight ranging from 20 to 40 pounds, so it’s easier to get the features you’re looking for without sacrificing comfort
Premium Build QualityThe epoxy resin limbs and the nylon fiber handle can provide years of service
Adjustable BraceYou can adjust the brace height to suit your need
LightweightDespite being long, it’s pretty light so your kid can handle it easily


20-pound draw weight variant is great for beginners

Provides an excellent grip with the nylon fiber handle

Both left and right-handed archers can use it without having to mod it

Comes with  six fiberglass arrows, and they are of great quality

Accuracy of this bow is flawless


Provided arm guard isn’t very high-quality

Restringing the bow can be a bit challenging 

Bear Archery Titan Bow

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This Bear youth recurve bow is one of the most popular bows out there, and there’s good reason for that. The Titan Bow offers a draw weight from 30-35 pounds. Although this will be a bit too much for beginners, it’s the perfect range for kids who know how to handle a bow.

The draw length range offered by this bow is from 22 to 28 inches. If you’re looking for great power along with accuracy, then this is the perfect range for you. 

This kit also offers a finger tab, a paper target, an armguard, and a quiver with two arrows. 

Suitable Draw WeightThe draw weight will let any kid who knows how to handle a bow squeeze the maximum power out of it
Draw Length A draw length of 28-inch max makes it a proper choice for kids above 12 years of age
Comprehensive KitIt provides every accessory that you’ll need to get started
Well Designed RiserThe riser comes with an ambidextrous design


This bow is very sturdy, so it will last long without breaking

Your kid will have a comfortable time using it due to the comfortable grip

Despite the low draw weight, this bow can provide really powerful shots

You won’t have to spend too much to get started as the accessories will cover most

Riser makes it very comfortable to use


You’ll need a better string as the stock one isn’t that good

Not for a child who’s only starting out

PSE ARCHERY Snake Recurve Bow Kit

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If you’re looking for a lightweight yet long recurve bow, then this is the best youth archery bow for your kid. This bow weighs only 3.2 pounds, and the draw weight maxes out to 25 pounds without any modding. This one’s designed specifically for teenagers and children, so it’ll be perfect for your kid.

This bow isn’t only light, but it’s very straightforward too. It doesn’t come with any complicated features that’ll overwhelm your kid. So, if your kid is only starting, it will help him learn the basics of archery. 

However, if your kid already knows how to use a bow and is looking for an advanced bow, then this won’t be the best choice. We’d recommend this only for beginners. 

Simplistic DesignThe simplistic design of this bow will help beginners learn archery 
LightweightAny child can use it comfortably due to the lightweight
All-in-One Unit This unit comes fully assembled so you can get started immediately
Low Draw WeightLow draw weight of this bow lets beginners learn archery easily


This is a great product for helping children get into archery

It won’t overwhelm your kid with tons of features

Any child can hold it comfortably due to the lightweight

Simplistic design makes it easy to carry

Features a very smooth handle 


Not suitable for participating in professional archery

Nocking point isn’t placed properly but can be removed 

Southland Archery Supply Sage Junior 58″- Best Value

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Finally, we have the Southland Archery Supply Sage Junior bow that comes at a 58” length, which is considered one of the best archery bows for youth. What makes it a better choice than most other bows is its price. It comes at an unbelievably low price, but the quality offered by it is pretty good. 

With this, you’ll get a riser that’s developed specifically for the young archers. It’s made of premium white oak, maple wood, and Dymondwood, making the bow not only durable but also effective. 

It comes with black fiberglass and hard maple; thus, it can provide outstanding durability along with great flexibility. 

Brass Bushing The brass bushing will let you install a stabilizer, sight, and plunger.
Quality MaterialIt features high-quality build material like white oak and maple wood for the riser and black fiberglass with hard maple for the limbs. 
Universal LengthThe 58” length is likely to suit all
Great StringProvided Dacron string is of high quality


This bow can be upgraded to unleash your maximum potential

You’ll have a comfortable experience from the smooth handle

Stock string is very good, so you won’t have to get another one

Can be used by shooters up to 5’5” in height

Limb tips are compatible with Flemish and Fast Flight strings too 


Doesn’t come with a stringer

Can only be strung with the stringer from this brand

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Youth Recurve Bow?

To make sure that you don’t fail to pick the best youth starter bow, we’re going to discuss the factors that you’ll need to consider for getting the right bow in this section. 

Level of Skill

Getting a top-notch children’s recurve bow for your kid might not satisfy your child if he isn’t skilled enough. Certain bows are specifically crafted, keeping beginners in mind. This is why it’s important not to rush for the most expensive item on the market.

Rather, analyze what your kid needs. If he’s had some experience with bows, then go for a bow that will help him improve. For kids who have no experience with bows, you should get them bows that are easy to use because they’ll have a more comfortable time learning them.

Finally, if your kid is very skilled with bows and knows what he’s doing, then getting a top-notch bow is justified. These bows will not only help your child unlock their fullest potential, but they’ll also last longer. 


It’s completely okay if you’re on a budget. Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t get the right bow and arrow for 10 year old kid of yours. Even if you’re very low on budget, we don’t recommend pushing it for the sake of getting a flashier bow. 

If you’re planning on building your kid up as a professional archer, it’s completely justified that you splurge on the recurve bow that you’re getting. High-end bows that offer multiple functionalities do come with a much higher price, and your kid will need one if he’s participating in a competition. 

Otherwise, don’t put too much thought into how much you’re spending. As long as you get a bow that will last long, offers the appropriate draw length and draw weight for your kid, light enough for him to operate it, it’s perfect. 

Draw Weight 

Draw weight of a bow is the amount of force you need to draw the string to the fullest. The further the bow is drawn; the more force will gather at the fingertips. Picking a bow with a draw weight that suits your child is important. 


If you’re getting the recurve bow for sports, then you can consider any recurve bow that suits the requirements of your child. However, not every recurve bow is made for hunting. For hunting, you better look for recurve bows that are made for hunting. 

Draw Length

The draw length of recurve bows youth isn’t the same thing as the length of the bow itself. It refers to the length up to which you can pull the bowstring back. Why is this important? Well, if you don’t buy a bow that provides a suitable draw length for your child, then it’ll hamper his accuracy, comfort, as well as power.

Thankfully, draw length can be calculated very easily. To do so, your kid has to stand straight with his arms extended to the side to create a “T” like posture. Once there, measure the distance from the fingertip of one middle finger to the other, and divide this length by 2.5. This should be the effective draw length of your child. 

Limb Quality

We always recommend getting fiberglass recurve bows because these are some of the most durable and sturdy bows. 

Riser Quality

There are two main things to be concerned about here. Firstly, the riser must provide a comfortable grip. Secondly, it must reduce vibration. Some risers come with the facility of adding extra accessories, but you’ll mainly find them in high-end bows. 


Getting the right size is very important. It’s very easy to overwhelm your kid by getting a bow heavier than what he can handle. Then again, the bow might lack a few functions if it’s too light, and it may even deliver lesser power. 

This is why it’s important to get a bow that your child will be able to handle properly. 

Types of Youth Recurve Bows 

Recurve bows don’t have any subdivision. 

Safety Tips for the Youth Archer 

Maintaining safety is paramount for young archers, but this is often overlooked. If safety isn’t maintained, the archer not only can damage himself but can damage people around him as well. 

Practice When the Trainers Are Present

If the kid is just starting, he should practice only when the trainers are around. One of the primary safety procedures is keeping the bow pointed to the ground while nocking it. This will prevent any unexpected accident due to slipping. 

Remove Jewelry Before Practice and Keep an Eye on Strings

When shooting, an archer must take off any sort of accessories and jewelry. Strings that look worn out must be replaced immediately to avoid any accident. To keep the string fresh, one must wax them regularly. 

Wear Armguard and Don’t Aim at Humans

Make your child wear an armguard during the sessions, this will protect his forearm. Teach him not to aim the bow at any human being or animal. While at the range, the attendant will give an “All clear” sign when the range is suitable for shooting. Your child should never shoot before that.

Do Not Use Damaged Arrows

Discarding damaged arrows is very important. You never know what damaged and unsafe equipment will lead to. When at a range, use field points in place of broadheads. These are easier to handle and won’t damage the targets either. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a good draw weight for a youth recurve bow?

Draw weights refer to the amount of force required for drawing a bow to the maximum draw length. The greater the draw weight, the more speed and force you can squeeze out of a bow. 

However, a bow with a high draw weight is also tough to control, so it’s wise to start with bows with lower draw weights first. 

How much does a good recurve bow for a youth cost?

To get recurve bows for good kids, you need to spend at least $250. Any bow under the $250 mark is considered to be poorly built and highly unstable. 

What is the best recurve bow for a youth beginner?

The Bear Archery Titan Bow is one of the best recurve bows for a youth beginner. 

Can a 5-year-old shoot a recurve bow?

A 5-year-old is eligible for shooting a recurve bow if he’s interested. However, he would require recurve bows for kids for shooting with comfort and precision. 

What size bow should a 13-year-old use?

From the age of 9 to 13, youth are recommended to use child recurve bows that offer a draw weight of 14 to 24 pounds. 

How old can you start archery?

Although kids can start archery from as early as 5 years of age, it’s recommended to start training them from the age of 6 to 9 years. This depends more on the physical strength of the child than the age. 

How do you size a youth recurve bow?

Whereas adult bows are typically around 54” in size, the youth bows range from 40
to 50”. The length of the bow is directly dependent on the draw length, so it’s wise to determine the draw length of your child first.

Children usually grow and improve fast, so you might need to change the youth recurves often. 

Which youth recurve bow and arrow archery set for my kid?

We highly recommend the SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Wooden Archery Bow because of the balance of power, accuracy, and comfort it provides. 

How fast does a 50 Lb youth recurve bow shoot?

It’s complicated because the speed depends on the arrow as well. Typically, you can expect a recurve bow with a 50 Lb. draw weight to shoot at 207-210 FPS. 

How can I tell if my child is right or left eye dominant?

There’s an easy way of telling this. Place a small object 20 feet away from you and stand with your hands extended. Create a small hole by joining the thumbs and fingers. Look at the object through the hole.

Now, try closing one eye at a time. In the case of one of the eyes, the object will remain in place. And in the case of the other, the object will jump to another position.

The eye that kept the object stationary is the dominant eye. 

Final Verdict 

Among these, you will find the best youth recurve bow that you can get for your kid. Before settling for a specific product, we highly encourage you to go through the buying guide and then the FAQ section if you have any confusion.

Getting a bow is easy, but getting the right bow for your kid can be pretty challenging. Unless you know what’s best for him, you will end up with an unsuitable bow.

The bows reviewed and recommended above are the very best that you can choose from right now. If this is the first time, you’re looking for a bow, then we recommend going for the SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Wooden Archery Bow. It’s so balanced that it’s hard to go wrong with this.

If you want something budget-friendly, we suggest getting the Southland Archery Supply Sage Junior 58”. This one’s cheap and is a great pick if it suits your child.

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