Best 3d Archery Targets for 2020 – Top 11 Models

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Do you know what makes the 3D target unique than other targets? It gives the archers a better realistic practice season than the regular targets. Besides, manufacturers come up with a variety of models like deer, bear, hog, wolf and so on. So, before buying the best 3d archery target, make sure it looks realistic; otherwise, it will be a dull practice season.

Before buying the best 3d archery targets, you need to make sure these are durable, long-lasting, and visible from a long distance. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money. I have done long research during buying targets for my hunting bow, and now I am sharing some of the best 3d target reviews which may find helpful.

Best 3d Archery Targets - Comparison Table 





GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

GlenDel Buck

3D Archery Target

Dimension: 36 x 17.8 x 10.8"

Height: 56 inch.

Body Size: 200 Pounds

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Item Weight: 8 ounces

Shoulder Height: 37 inch.

Total Height: 62 inch.

Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

Rinehart Wood- land Buck Target

Dimension: 33 x 31 x 9 inch.

Height: 30 inch.

Weight: 100 Pounds

Carbon Express Shooter 3D Deer Target

Carbon Express Shooter 3D Deer Target

Dimension: 37.5 x 10 x 22.8"

Height: 48 inch.

Weight: 14.6 Pounds

Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Hog Target

Carbon Express Field Logic Shooter 3D Hog Target

Dimension: 32.3 x 19.8 x 8.2"

Height: Not listed

Weight: 10.2 Pounds

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Target

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Target

Dimension: 40.8 x 20.2 x 13.5

Shoulder Height: 36 inch.

Total Height: 60 inch.

Body Size: 250 Pounds

Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

Dimension: 42 x 10 x 26"

Shoulder Height: 36 inch.

Total Height: 51 inch.

Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

Shoulder Height: 24 inch.

Total Height: 39 inch.

Weight: 21.2 Pounds


McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear

Dimension: 10 x 45 x 28"

Height: 28 inch.

Weight: 22 Pounds

Delta Howling Coyote 3D Target

Delta Howling Coyote 3D Target

Dimension: 34 x 24 x 10"

Height: 56 inch.

Weight: 13.67 pounds

Rinehart Tom Turkey Target

Rinehart Tom Turkey Target

Dimension: 30 x 18 x 14"

Height: 19 inch.

Length: 21 inch.

Weight: 12.3 Pounds

 10 Best 3d Archery Targets Reviews

1. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

2. GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Those who are looking for a durable and portable 3D target, they might find this target interesting. But you may think what makes it unique? It features a 4-sided removable core for 10x more shooting surface. So, it becomes easy for beginners to hit the target.

3. Rinehart Woodland 3D Buck Target

4. Shooter Buck  3D Deer Target

5. Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Hog Target

The 3d hog can withstand hundreds of arrows and ensure a long time usage. Besides, it can stop any broadheads or field point, no matter how hard you are shooting. So, don't you think it's a pretty good target?

What We Liked

  • It contains a realistic design which amuses people a lot.
  • The target has a solid-body
  • It includes ground stakes also
  • Affordable price tag

What We didn't Like

  • Some structure is poorly constructed sometimes.
  • Comparatively small in size

Final Words: It is high in quality. People love it when they use it. Some people, although face problems because of packaging. In spite of this, it is affordable in price, and of course, it will be a great choice as for the professional archer as it is one of the most familiar 3D archery targets in this modern world.

6. GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Target

7. Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

8. Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

9. McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear

Are you looking for a realistic archery target? Then you might take a closer look at the McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear. It is an outstanding target that is made of top-quality materials.

At the center of the 3D target, there is a scoring ring which helps to increase the accuracy. You can also replace the core and use it for a more extended period.

It has a height of 28" with a dimension of 10 x 45 x 28 inches. Though it is 25 pounds weight, it's much more stable than other targets. The model is manufactured from special types of layered foam, which added additional durability to the product.

What We Liked

  • Arrows are easy to remove
  • Great design
  • High durability
  • Stable and realistic Bear model

What We didn't Like

  • Small in size
  • Some vital areas are not soft enough

Final Words: It has a unique shape and looks so real. It is also useful in a matter of hitting it with the arrows. People love this target for bow hunting. If you want to get a bear target for practicing you can get McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear 3d target.

10. Delta Howling Coyote 3D Target

11. Rinehart Tom Turkey Target

 Consider before buying the Best 3d Target

To get the feeling of real-life archery, people love to play with 3D archery targets. The targets are in the shape of a different animal. They can be in the form of Buck, Turkey, Howling Wolf, Coyote, Gazelle, and Raven, etc. There are some points which we need to consider before buying archery targets. So, without wasting  time, let's see what those are

  • First of all, you need to consider the flexibility and durability of the targets. Make sure that these targets can undergo thousands of shots; otherwise, you may need to buy serial targets, which won't be a cost-effective solution.
  • Then comes whether the target has a replaceable inside core. If it doesn't, then definitely you should not buy that target. The replicable core ensures any 3D target a long-lasting one.
  • You should also notice the design, whether it is suitable as targets or you will enjoy shooting it or not. Cause, in the end, your satisfaction matters the most.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you should consider the budget, whether your target is the best deal or not. Wasting money on a dumb target can never a smart idea.

In conclusion, it can be said that you have to consider all the factors before buying the archery targets if you want to make the best use of your money and get the entertainment and satisfaction to the fullest.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. Are the targets suitable for crossbow arrows?

Answer: Most people have this common question. You will get a response in the description of the product. If any target can be used for crossbow arrows, it will be clearly mentioned.

Q2. Does a 3D target come with a remove-able insert?

Answer: Most of the archery targets have a remove-able insert. Otherwise, the targets would not be that be durable. In the case of archery targets, durability plays a vital role. People buy those things the most, which can be used the most.

Q3. Does 3D target work for rifles?

Answer: Some of them work for the rifles; some do not. Actually, most of them naturally cannot be able to stop bullets.

Q4. What is the target dimension?

Answer: Dimension gives a clear idea about the size of the targets. So, the dimension of a product is always given in the description of the product.

Q5. What is the material used here?

Answer: The thing which matters the most for any target is the material. The quality improves if the material is enriched. Low-quality material lasts for a short period. So, people frequently question about the material of products. The high-profile company always describes the material. If the material description is not mentioned, you should not buy that product obviously.

Q6. What is the temperature storage limit?

Answer: Almost all of the targets can be used in the average temperature.

Q7. Does the company provide any stand?

Answer: Yes, in most of the cases, companies provide that. But to make sure, you can read the description to make sure.

Q8. Can the product be returned?

Answer: Some companies allow customers to change the product or some give the money back, but some of them don't allow to change the product. The clever way is to know details about the products before buying them.

Final Opinion

3D targets are a great invention if we want to talk about the archery targets of this world. People get a real feeling of hunting when they use Best 3d Archery Targets. That is why the popularity of 3D archery targets is increasing rapidly.

For me, among all the 3D targets, the best deal in the town will be GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target, GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target, Carbon Express Field Logic-Shooter 3D Archery Hog Target, McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear.

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