Mountain Bike Hunting Accessories

A Checklist for Mountain Bike Hunting Accessories

Biking is the most convenient option when the question is of bike hunting, and it will surely double your fun. Whereas a four-wheeler can scare away the preys by creating fumes and noise, a flat tire mountain bike or even an electric mountain bike will not cause such inconvenience.

If you have decided in favor of bike hunting and more specifically mountain bike hunting, you need to be meticulous about the accessories you should be equipped with.

Therefore, a checklist for bike hunting gears is crucial before stepping out for the hunting spot riding on your two-wheelers. 

List of Essential Mountain Bike Hunting Accessories

Here you go with the crucial mountain bike accessories for hunting suggested by the veteran bike hunters.

  • A flat tire or electric mountain bike
  • Flat, lightweight, and burly wheels
  • A backpack for packing gears
  • A versatile Hoody
  • Mountain pants
  • UV-protected Sunglasses
  • A backcountry adventure GPS tracker
  • Top-quality sportsman binoculars
  • A harness to hang the binos
  • A rangefinder
  • A cycling Multitool
  • Mountain Shoes
  • A mountain bike trailer

Now, let’s go for a briefing on the mentioned bike hunting accessories one by one.

The Right Mountain Bike

Two mountain bikes can give you the utmost riding and hunting fun – regular fat tire mountain bike or an electric mountain bike. Both the bikes will do for your hunting sport and will no way differ so far hunting is involved. 

The only difference between the two is the price and the needed riding endeavor. 

A regular fat tire mountain bike will double your fun as you can pedal along the track until you reach the hunting spot.

On top of that, it is cheaper transportation with no compromise for the main task of hunting.

Conversely, any E-bike will cost much higher than the regular non-motorized option and will save your energy as you don’t have pedal along with the distant spot.

Despite being the cheaper option, the fat tire mountain bike will take you smoothly through any terrain laying your way. And the electric fat tire one will make your job far easier when the stake is to carry large games.

The motorized option will help you carry more weight comfortably and without breaking your back and straining your waist. 

A regular fat tire will save your money while the electric one will save your energy and will not let you exhaust. All that said, if you are an athletic individual, a fat tire will certainly increase your hunting fun as pedaling will scarcely vex you. 

Top-quality Backpack

Yes, a top-quality backpack with a sturdy frame, padded straps, and large storage space is the call of the task of bike hunting. It is evident from the checklist  that you have so many gears to take with you while binding for mountain bike hunting.

That is what makes it a must to go for a high-end backpack to sandwich the hunting equipment that you can stow inside a bag. And the bag with a padded harness strap and waist strap will not dig through your fleshes to hinder your regular fat tire pedaling. Moreover, a sturdy metal frame will keep the load well distributed across the stowing space. 

Sturdy and Fat Wheels

Your mountain bike must be equipped with the sturdy but comparatively lightweight tires when you are bound for hunting in a faraway wild spot. This is no less crucial than preferring the right bike, and you should check and cross-check for the quality of the wheel.

Because you may very often need to snap the tube from the tire to drag the cycle by hand when riding is impossible on certain spots, that calls for tubeless-ready hoops that are burly, lightweight, and fat. Several quality options may go tubeless without risking unwanted flat tire and may knock off a considerable weight from the total load. 

A Versatile Hoody

You need a quality hoody of fine apparel that will keep you warm and cozy in the cold. On its top, it should also keep the body stench knocked off. A versatile hoody of quality brands may serve this purpose well.

Mountain Pants

You are badly in need of matching pants while hunting in the mountainous or wild spots. A pant made from stretch polyester featured with DWR treatment will serve the purpose best by efficiently shrugging off the rain and brush.

Mountain pants offered by the big brands will feature cargo pockets to stow essentials, and the knee pads will make crouching just a breeze.


Not a style statement, you need the sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from UV rays. You will find such sunglasses along with other bike hunting accessories in the stores and they will remain intact even if your rifle misfires. Sunglasses made for this purpose are made shatterproof.

Backcountry GPS Tracker

You need a backcountry adventure GPS enlisted in your checklist that should be small, equipped with a bike mount, and having all the mapping abilities. The quality industry grade GPS trackers come equipped with the ability to upload the supplement topos, landowner boundaries, and above all the runs-off A battery so that you never have to be stranded in the wilderness.

Sportsman Binoculars

What if you don’t find the animals? All your arrangements will go futile without the premium quality binoculars at your disposal. Take proper care that the binos, you are going for has the best glasses featured with the sharp and clear optics.

Nowadays, you can have all those features in a fine bino at an affordable price. Go for the 9×45 focal length if favorite hunting spot is among the western mountain ranges.

Bino Harness

You need a Bino harness to keep the binos in the chest so that you can reach it at will and when needed. Any good bino harness will come featured with a static yoke having a design of an on-and-off retainer made of elastic that will keep the gear from the inconvenient bouncing on the move.

A Range Finder

The premium quality binos will provide you with a clear view of the prey at a distance, but a range finder is also crucial to know the distance. Therefore, find a good range finder that may help you know the actual distance between you and the target animal with data on slope angle and temperature.

A cycling Multitool

This is a combo of the most essentials – saw, wood file, a bit driver, full-size pliers, and multiple blades. You will find this small package fits that is crucial to tweak your bike and for urgent precision repairing. A cycling multitool is affordable and never boring to have.

Mountain Shoes

Needless to brief how important mountain shoes are when you are in or around a mountain range for hunting or hiking. On top of keeping your foot safe from any unwanted bad cut or injury, they will keep you warm and cozy.

Mountain Bike Hunting Trailer

When the question is of carrying hunting gears, the backpack or a cargo rack should suffice to do the job well enough. But there is a more convenient option when the load is much more that is mountain biking trailer. 

If the terrain is relatively flat and big games are the frequent reward of your hunting, a hunting trailer with your lighter fat tire mountain bike is a wiser addition.

If you are not that athletic carrying a trailer at the back of your non-motorized bike may ruin your hunting experience. 

But an electric fat tire bike in this regard will add to your fun, and any size game would be fun to carry when you don’t have to pedal physically.

And hitching the hunting trailers to your bike is a breeze now given the well-engineered attachment offered by most hunting accessory manufacturers. 

Finish Up

To derive more fun mountain bike hunting is a singular beat to all other transportation modes. And so far essential gears for hunting are involved; you can carry all those in various options starting from a backcountry pack via cargo rack to hunting trailer. That is what this article on the final checklist for mountain bike hunting accessories has told in the clearest possible terms.

Therefore, anybody interested in mountain bike hunting will greatly benefit from this article as this will guide you on the essential bike hunting gears and their use. Riding on a mountain bike in a careful way increases the load-hauling ability for hunting, and you may prefer any one from the three as an aid – a saddle bag or a cargo rack or a trailer.Happy Mountain Bike Hunting!

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