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Best Arrows for Compound Bow in 2021 | Reviews and Buying Considerations

Just because you’ve got the perfect compound bow, doesn’t mean you’re going to hit the bullseye perfectly. Skill matters too. But then again, if you don’t have a good arrow, chances are you won’t be able to hit your target even if you have your skill and compound bow put together.

While getting the best arrows for compound bow can be a bummer these days, we’ll make sure you can get your hands on the one that serves you right. No, we’re not saying we’ll put tons of choices in front of you while you do nothing but scratching your head.

We’re just reviewing the 10 best compound bow arrows that will take your archery experience to heights.

Table for The Best Arrows for Compound Bow

Best Selling

Tiger Archery Carbon Arrows

Tiger Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

  • 30″ shaft Length
  • 13 GPI & 500 Spine
  • 0.309″ Diameter
  • 35 g weight each

Best For Hunting

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

  • 30 to 32″ Length     
  • 250 to 500 Spine
  • +-.003″ S/T
  • +-2 grain W/T

Affordable Pick

KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows

KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows

  • 30″ shaft Length
  • 13 GPI & 500 Spine
  • 0.309″ Diameter
  • 35 g weight each

Reviews of 10 best compound bow arrows

1.Tiger Archery Carbon Arrows – Best Selling Pick

Here’s another one that will take you one step ahead when it comes to hitting the bullseye. Talking about the carbon arrow from Tiger Archery. Precision, accuracy and durability, this arrow is a complete package that allows you to taste everything in one go.

Tiger Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

As you take a look at the construction, you’ll love the sleek design the arrow comes with. The solidly built aesthetic talks durability to the fullest. There’s no way the arrow will lose its quality even if you use it for years.

But hey, you don’t just want durability; accuracy and precision matters as well, yeah? Well, this little friend right here won’t disappoint you when it comes to accuracy as well.

First off, each carbon arrow from Tiger Archery is no more than 35g in weight. That light? Yep. This is why, you won’t have a hard time getting the accuracy you need. Just shoot and the arrow will meet the bullseye.

Besides, the makers have included rubber fletchers along with carbon shafts. While the arrow is in flight, these features allow you to experience improved aerodynamics.


  • Sleek and premium design
  • Solidly built aesthetic
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Being 35 g in weight, they’re lightweight
  • Rubber fletchers with carbon shaft
  • Improved aerodynamics


  • May seem heavy for beginners

2.Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows – Best for Hunting

If you want better performance and balance, nothing can beat the Hunter XT from Gold Tip from being the best arrows for compound bow hunting. Precision, accuracy and performance, the arrow will fill your cup no matter what.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

As the name hints, it’s basically an arrow for hunters. You’ll love the heavy-duty and sturdy construction. But here’s what hits the mark. Even though it’s sturdy, the arrow is pretty light in weight, allowing you to shoot with better accuracy.

Being made of Carbon, the arrow comes with the durability you need. The length of the arrow, on the other hand, is 32 inches, making it suitable for you to shoot it with precision.

When straightness tolerance is much needed these days and you don’t get the satisfying range, the hunter XT turns the table like a pro. It has got a +/- 0.003 straightness tolerance.

Meaning, as you shoot the arrow, it will directly hit the bullseye within a blink of an eye.

As for the number of arrows, you’re getting as much as 6 in the whole set. So, you won’t be running out of arrows anytime soon.


  • Perfect for hunters
  • Sturdy construction
  • Each arrow has only 32 inches of length
  • +/- 0.003 straightness tolerance
  • 6 arrows in one package


  • Offers you only 6 inserts with the set

3.KESHES Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows

Below are the compound bow arrows we think can fill your gap of archery. Each of the arrows set we’ve reviewed have both its pros and cons but no matter which one you get, trust me, you won’t regret it.

KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows

If you want to get your hands on the best compound arrows, you might want to have a look at the archery hunting arrow from KESHES. When it comes to quality and performance, this one right here has got everything to meet the bullseye. Let’s see what makes it different.

Thanks to the 100% carbon construction, you’re getting rock-solid strength unlike anything else. Now, even though it’s heavy-duty, the arrows are pretty light in weight. The grain is 13 GPI while the weight is only 35 grams, which allows you to flex the arrows easily.

Besides, from now on, you won’t have any problem getting the perfect shot. These arrows have got the colored fletching vanes that have got your back. As you release the arrows, they’ll travel to the direction you want them to go as straightly as possible.

In no time, you’ll see your arrow has hit the bullseye while everyone around you is getting impressed for your performance.

While you can’t adjust the nocks of typical arrows, the one from KESHES turns the table. You get to adjust the nocks whenever you want. Don’t worry even for a bit when you’ll see the nocks are not fixed by glue. They are tightly assembled.


  • 100% carbon construction
  • 13 GPI grain and 35 grams of weight
  • Colored fletching vanes
  • Straight and fast flight
  • Adjustable nocks


  • The fletches can bent if you don’t take a good care.

4.MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

The carbon arrows from MS Jumpper is something that will take your archery experience to breathtaking heights. Let it be for hunting or target practice, this carbon arrows set is the one you need.

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

You’re getting three sections in the dynamic spine technology the arrow comes with. Unlike the mainstream bent shape, the middle section has got a ripple effect in it.

As you try to shoot the arrow, you’ll love the forward-end that comes with the fletching. It’ll make sure you have all the finger protection you need.

After you made your shoot, you’ll see the arrow hit the bullseye even if it has to travel a 100 yards. All the credit goes to the carbon-fiber shaft.

Besides, since it weighs no more than 65 lbs, you’ll have easy maneuverability as you gain your ultimate accuracy and precision.

Once it meets the bullseye, you’ll see that the hunting arrow makes deeper penetration unlike the mainstream ones in the market. But then again, it won’t be tough for you to retrieve it from the hardwood boards as you practice, thanks to the design of the tip.

The length of the arrows ranges from 28 inches to 31 inches, allowing each arrow to be compatible with a regular sized compound bow. When you’re talking high kinetic energy, these arrows should be one of your prime priorities.


  • Ripple effect with the middle section
  • Forward-end with fletching
  • Travels up to 100 yards
  • Carbon-fiber shaft
  • Penetrates the bullseye easily
  • Length ranges from 28 inches to 31 inches
  • High kinetic energy


  • A bit on the heavy-weight side

5.Carbon Express Maxima Red Carbon Arrows

It doesn’t matter what rough of damage you’re talking about, thanks to the shafts, your arrows stay protected from any kind of impact. To enhance the durability, the makers have used the BullDog nock collar.

Carbon Express Maxima Red Carbon Arrows

You can guess by the name, these arrows are made of carbon material. However, not just any carbon though. The makers have used patented hi-tech ones so that they can withstand all the beatings.

Besides, the broadheads are made in such a way that these arrows fly better than the mainstreams, thanks to the Dynamic Spine. As for the strength, you can feel the excellence with the carbon weave that comes with the outer layer of the arrow.

It doesn’t matter what rough of a damage you’re talking about, thanks to the shafts, your arrows stay protected from any kind of impact. To enhance the durability, the makers have used the BullDog nock collar.

Now, here’s the thing that makes it stand out though. The Maxima Red uses a feature called the Launchpad Precision Nock. These allow you to release the arrows with ultimate control.

As for the flight, whenever you shoot, the arrow will fly with remarkable straightness of +/- 0.0025 inches at max. Since each arrow weighs no more than 250 grains, you won’t have any issue regarding maneuverability.

With the set, you’re getting 6 arrows of both red and black finish that talks class to its best. The Maxima Red is considered the best arrows for 70 lb compound bow. so, you can shoot the arrows with high-weighted bow.


  • Hi-tech patented carbon material construction
  • Dynamic Spine helps it to fly better
  • Carbon weave for added strength
  • BullDog nock collar saves it from damage
  • Launchpad Precision Nock gives you better control
  • 250 grains in weight
  • 6 arrows in one package


  • Not for beginners

6.Musen 30 Inches Carbon Archery Arrows

For people who want to shoot arrows with class, we’d suggest to go for Musen 30 inches Archery Arrows. The dominating aesthetic talks more confidence than you’ll probably see with anyone that’s competing you to hit the bullseye. And of course, it has got better functionality than the typical ones.

Musen 30 Inches Carbon Archery Arrows

First off, the carbon arrow shaft is something that strikes it rich when it comes to hitting the right spot. Shoot the arrows and you’ll see it travel with the flash-like speed you want.

Thanks to the TPU rubber vanes, you’re getting extreme straightness as you shoot the arrows. The arrows will maintain a straight flight while keeping a stable balance.

Besides, since the arrow tip weighs no more than 100 grains, you’ll have easy maneuverability, precision and accuracy as well. The best part? You can easily replace the tip of these arrows whenever you want to. Now, that you don’t see every day, do you?

The reason we call it one of the best target arrows for compound bow is for its penetration power. The stainless steel field point goes straight to the bullseye and cuts through it easily.

Don’t frown your eyebrows when we said ‘stainless-steel’ though. Thanks to the anti-corrosion feature, you can use these arrows for a long time to come.


  • Dominating and premium aesthetic
  • Sturdy construction
  • TPU Rubber Vanes
  • Weighs only 100 grains
  • Stainless-steel field point
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust feature


  • You may face some issues lining up the feathers

7.ANTSIR 30 Carbon Arrows

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to arrows. Some prefer class and durability over everything, some just focus on the performance, while others see how many arrows they’re getting in one package.

ANTSIR Carbon Removable Arrows

If number of arrows define your definition of the best compound bow arrows, you should have a look at the carbon arrows from ANTSIR. Not just five, six or seven, you’re getting as much as 1 dozen of arrows in the pack.

What we like about these arrows is the fact that not just experts but even beginners get to feel easy with these carbon arrows. With a draw weight ranging from 25 to 55 lb, you can find it quite convenient to use even for targeting practice.

Now, it’s true that each of the arrow weighs about 432 grains but it’s not going to be a bummer if you’re someone who can lift some weight. Besides, the 31.5 inches length makes sure you don’t experience any discomfort while shooting the arrows at all.

With the 30 inches arrow shaft backed up by a satisfying straightness, you’ll never miss the target from now on. Just shoot your arrows and you’ll see the arrow flying straightly and hit the bullseye within seconds.

Since it has got carbon tips, the arrow will penetrate right through the mark pretty easily.


  • 1 dozen of arrows in one pack
  • Weight ranges from 25 to 55 lb
  • 31.5 inches of impressive length
  • 30 inches of arrow shaft
  • Satisfying straightness
  • Carbon tips penetrate the target easily


  • Weighs 432 grains; now that’s a bit heavy

8. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow Shaft

At least number 8, we’ve got an arrow shaft for you. Like come on, We know we’ve been talking about a complete arrow, but what if you need a shaft that’s durable and meets your goal? This arrow shaft should be on your priority list.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Shaft

Let’s start with the fancy ‘Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology’. This technology makes sure more weight gets moved towards the arrow’s front. This helps the arrow to recover itself from its oscillating state within a snap.

So, whenever you launch the arrow, it hits the mark more accurately than ever. Besides, technology makes sure the arrow maintains extreme straightness while traveling. As a result, you’re getting the speed you need.

The fact that you can cover about 50 yards with ultimate precision is a cherry on top. Even though the shaft is a bit on the heavier side, you won’t face much of a problem flexing it.

Moreover, the durability of the arrow shaft will sell you out. Trust me. The heavy-duty structure made of carbon, really makes it stand out than the mainstream shafts in the market.

As for the number of shafts, you’re getting a dozen in the whole set. So, don’t stress over running out of arrow shafts anytime soon.


  • Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology
  • Has got accuracy and precision
  • Maintains extreme straightness
  • Travels up to 50 yards
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Looks premium


  • A bit heavy

9. IRQ Archery Carbon Arrows

The Archery Carbon Arrows form IRQ are something that will leave you awestruck as soon as you take a look at them. Each of the arrow has got every single feature that an archer needs to hit the mark.

IRQ Archery Carbon Arrows

Take the 350 spines for example. You’re getting stiffer arrows than the mainstream ones. Besides, the draw weight you’re getting is from 30 to 50 pounds while each arrow weighs about 35 gm. As a result, you won’t have to worry about maneuverability at all.

The most amazing part is the arrow vanes. You’re getting the feathers that the makers have fletched using plastic vanes. These 3 inches plastic vanes have a purple and black color mixtures. So, when you lose the arrow somehow, you can easily locate it.

Thanks to the stainless-steel arrow tips, they’re coming with an arc angle this time. All you’re getting is a smooth connection between the rod and tip of the arrow, for which, a better flight is always guaranteed.

Did we say that you can remove the tip and attach a new one whenever you can? We didn’t? Well, unlike the mainstreams, this feature makes the arrow stand out completely.

Lastly, when you have a complete combination of 7.5 mm outer diameter and 82 cm/32-inch shaft length, you can always get the performance you want no matter what.


  • The shaft is quite stiffer than typical ones
  • Draw weight ranges from 30 to 50 pounds
  • Each arrow weighs 35 gm
  • Plastic vanes with feathers
  • Stainless-steel arrow tips
  • The tips can be removed
  • Better flight experience.


  • Could be more durable

10.  REEGOX Archery Hunting Arrows

You’re in the very end of the best carbon arrows for compound bow reviews now that we’re talking about the hunting arrows from REEGOX. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this hunting arrows for compound bow can be the perfect catalyst for you.

REEGOX Archery Hunting Arrows

First off, you’ll love the slender design the arrows come with. The perfect color combination of black shaft that blended in with white and blue feathers talks about rich taste.

As each arrow weighs no more than 35 grams, you’ll have the flexibility you need to shoot them and hit your mark. Besides, the makers have kept the shaft only 30 inches so that you don’t face any issue with the draw length.

Now as you take a look at the nuke, you may get a bit disappointed since they’re not fixed by glue. However, the heavy-tight assembly should be enough to keep you stress-free.

As for the length of the whole arrow, it’s just only 31.5 inches. If you’re someone who uses bows weighs up to 45 lbs, this little friend right here should be your go-to arrow no matter what.

Thanks to the carbon construction, the arrow boasts a heavy-duty aesthetic. No, you won’t be seeing any rust or corrosion anytime soon.


  • Slender design with premium outlook
  • Pretty light in weight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compatible with regular sized bows
  • Tight assembly nuke
  • Heavy-duty carbon construction
  • Anti-corrosive attribute


  • Doesn’t fly as straight as others

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Arrows for Compound Bow

So, you want to get your hands on the perfect set of arrows. However, do you know what features you should look for before buying it? If you’re nodding your head to ‘NO’, it’s time for you to look at the things you should consider before buying an arrow for compound bow.


The construction talks durability. So, make sure you get your hands on the arrows that come with a heavy-duty construction. You can try the ones that are made of carbon material. If you can get a hi-tech patented one like Maxima Red from Carbon Express, that’s going to be even better.


If the weight of your arrow is more than what you can bear, chances are, you’ll end up losing the archery competition. This is why, make sure you get your hands on the one that you can lift easily. Usually, We suggest to go for the ones that come with 100 to 300 grains.


Arrows that have stiffer shaft, tend to fly easily with great speed. So, whenever you’re getting an arrow, make sure it’s not so fat and thick.

Wrapping Up!

Picked the best arrows for compound bow yet? If you’re giving these products a second thought then we’d suggest you ask your fellow archers about the ones we’ve recommended. Trust me, these are the ones that have been dominating the market right now. And who cares of the cheap ones? You don’t get yourself a hunting arrow’ set once in every month, right?

So, make sure the set you’re getting is giving you everything you’ve been craving for.

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