Best Gold Tip Arrows

Best Gold Tip Arrows in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Can you imagine how seductive it is, chasing whitetails with a bow and arrow? It’s like a dream to lose yourself at some remote corner of a lonely forest and chase a smart-old, big-timber buck. A few quick moves and one well-placed arrow is all it takes and he’d be yours forever.

Like a bow, arrows do have a major role to play to get fast moves. So, you will need something extraordinary to cash out those dark, heavy, big, and tall antlers. Then, here are, in our opinion, selecting the best gold tip arrows from the renowned archery equipment manufacturer Gold Tip is always regarded as a better choice.

The Gold Tip arrows are made of 100% carbon, which creates a shaft that is not only straighter, more solid, and more robust than any other arrow. It ensures that the bow hunting arrow stays straight shot after shot.

Table for Top 5 Best Gold Tip Arrows in 2021

Image Product Name Details Price
No products found. No products found. Spine: 250 to 500
Straightness: +/-.003″
Weight Tolerance: +/-2 gr
No products found.
No products found. No products found. Spine: 300, 340, 400, 500
Straightness: +-.001″
Weight Tolerance: +/-.5 gr
No products found.
No products found. No products found. Spine: 300, 400, 500
Straightness: +-.006″
Weight Tolerance: +/-2 gr
No products found.
No products found. No products found. Spine: 340, 400, 500, 600
Straightness: +-.006″
Weight Tolerance: +/-2 gr
No products found.
No products found. No products found. Spine: 300 to 600
Straightness: +-.006″
Weight Tolerance: +/-2 gr
No products found.

The 10 Best Gold Tip Arrows Reviews

Check out the reviews on the ten best gold tip arrows for your toughest archery at below.

1.Gold Tip Hunter Xt Review

If straightness and precision are what you’re hungry for, Gold Tip Hunter Xt Arrows is what you should be looking for. With a straightness tolerance of +/-.003 of an inch, this carbon arrow can be your best pick.

Gold Tip Hunter XT Hunting Arrows

You’ll also find a great balance between speed and penetration power in your shot when you use the Gold Tip Arrow. This becomes possible by the use of Gold Tip Smart Carbon® Technology in every arrow to ensure unparalleled durability and straightness.

The Gold Tip Xt Hunter comes with a wide range of spines starting from 250 to 500, making it perfect to use 35 pounds all the way up to an amazing 100 pounds draw weight bow. It’s very impressive and unusual that no other manufacturer has achieved that big draw weight.

It comes with factory fletched 2-inch raptor vanes. This will allow you flexibility, however, to dress them up the way you want to see them. You may pick the colors Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, or Blue. And most importantly, you can use the vanes over and over as they are tough like the shaft.

Want to finish our review with one last thing, it will give you +/-2 gr weight tolerance and a wide range of weight variations from 7.3 to 10.6 grain/inch. So, once you’ve got your hand on Gold Tip Hunter Xt, you never need to look back for speed, stability, and power.


  • Super tough
  • Extremely straight
  • Last forever
  • The cheaper option for the long run


  • Excellent quality that hard to find any flaw.

2.Gold Tip Hunter Pro Review

If you are not pleased with Gold Tip Hunter Xt straightness yet, then let us introduce the Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrows. Hey! They are famous for their straightness and stability, their pace, and their durability. You never need to think about consistency with +/-.001 of an inch tolerance at any goal setting.

Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrows

Like straightness, you don’t have to worry about arrow speed, either. It will give you weight tolerance of +/-.5 gr, which means the lightest arrow you’ve ever encountered. As you well know that the less the arrow weight, the more velocity it will produce.

Gold tip pro hunter will give you plenty of option-300, 340, 400, 500 spines-to give you enough stiffness while hunting the toughest deer. Just like hunter Xt, tip pro comes with pre-fletched 2-inch Raptor vanes as well. You may alter those with other gold tip vanes, though.

And to ensure consistency and longevity of the gold tip, they do use Smart Carbon® Technology during the gold tip hunter pro arrows manufacturing process.


  • Design to handle any hunting situation
  • Incredibly straight
  • Beautiful black finish
  • Nock installed for precision nock alignment
  • Powerful and fast carbon arrows


  • Best for pro hunters

3.Gold Tip Ted Nugent Arrows Review

Ted Nugent – Do you smell anything between these two words? Yeah, Guys! NUGENT is a popular American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and political conservative. His name adds with Gold tip because of his great commitment through his SUNRIZE SAFARIS to providing the highest quality hunting experiences.

Gold Tip Ted Nugent Arrows

When you look at the Gold Tip Ted Nugent Arrows, you can see the shafts are displaying Ted Nugent’s zebra stripe pattern on each of those. That will give you rockstar feeling when shooting with those in the woods.

Ted Nugent is not fond of doing anything halfway. So, not only does his signature Ted Nugent Arrows look cool, but they’ll also give you super-fast speed and precise penetration to knock your target down.

You can find Gold Tip Arrows Ted Nugent in three separate color combinations – blue, purple, and white. And the Gold Tip Ted Nugent Arrows doesn’t cost as much as you think, despite being design and co-created by a millionaire.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Sturdy and more potent punch to hit the target
  • Straight and fast
  • Three different color combinations
  • Reasonably priced


  • Need some cutting job to make it ready

4.Gold Tip Traditional Arrow Review

Would you wander to go back to the primitive era of the arrows? The Gold Tip Traditional Arrow is a reminder of those wooden days. Although the traditional Gold Tip arrows are made of carbon, their outfit looks like a wood that is the preferred replacement for the traditionalist and longbow archer.

Gold Tip Traditional Arrows

Even though you’re not going to find the same straightness tolerance as other Gold Tip arrows — they’re +/-.006 of an inch — but you can’t go wrong with them.

The straightness is still within the limits of other arrows on the market. And you can compare the quality of this arrow with Carbon Express or Easton traditional carbon arrows easily.

Another impressive attribute that comes with is the size of the feathers. Instead of 2 inches, the Gold Tip Traditional supplies 4 inches of finely made natural feathers. For this reason, it has to turn out to be the most prevalent arrow for use with recurve bows as plastic vanes do not fit well with them.

So, if you really care about the look of the arrow, you might be thinking about it.


  • Hard-hitting kinetic energy
  • Stainless steel inserts
  • Great traditional look
  • Excellent price position


  • Inserts are not come in pre-installed

5.Gold Tip Velocity Review

If you’re a master of archery, you’ll appreciate the arrows that have supersonic speed. If that’s the case, then you may choose the Gold Tip Velocity Arrows for your next hunting spree. Gold Tip velocity made of high-quality carbon, making it light but sturdy.

Gold Tip Velocity Arrows

Due to their unparalleled toughness and straightness, they are listed as one of the fasted arrows on the market. And who doesn’t want to see his released arrow soaring through the air like a rocket? So, make your slow bow quick and fast bow faster with the Gold Tip Velocity Arrows.

Besides speed, we’ve got another great news to share with you. Gold Tip velocity comes with a wide range of spines, from 300 all the way to the top 600. The 600 spine is a perfect fit for a lower pounding bow like 30 to 50 or 60. So, hunters who are unable to pull a high draw weight, velocity arrows would be the best choice for them, too.


  • Unbelievably fast
  • Sturdy enough
  • Lightweight flight
  • Come with nock and inserts


  • Straightness tolerance is +/-.006

6.Gold Tip Pierce Arrows Review

For the hunting game, the most crucial feature after velocity is penetration ability. And if you’re wandering through the stores, you’re not going to find a second arrow like Gold Tip Pierce. This is a micro-diameter arrow that surgically penetrates with blistering speed and can stand up to massive abuse.

Gold Tip Pierce Arrows

The Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce is specially constructed for the bow hunters. The narrow but solid body shape helps withstand wind drift for long-range precision and provides ideal stopping power.

It also comes with an excellent straightness tolerance of + /-.006 inch and a weight tolerance of + /-2 gr, which allows it easy and comfortable to travel. The reinforced spine and ballistic collar insert system of this arrow gives you power like a jackhammer that can easily be pounded through any skin, meat, or bone. And you can kill and pack as much as the beast with a single arrow.


  • Excellent hunting gear
  • Incredibly fast
  • Impressive penetration power
  • Solid and narrow spine
  • Ballistic color insert


  • A bit of expensive

7.Gold Tip 340 Cut Down Arrows

If you think it’s a hassle cutting an arrow after you get it in hand, Gold Tip Cutdown 340 is the arrow you probably like. It comes with a fully knockdown condition that you don’t need to resize it using your arrow saw and make it ready to fire.

Gold Tip 340 Cut Down Arrows

Gold Tip Cutdown comes in factory assembled condition in different sizes. So, hunters, those who know what they exactly need and want something fast, Cutdown would be a good option for them. It also comes with a nock, inserts, 100-grain points, and everything you need – a full set.

The Gold Tip Cutdown 340 also gives you a 100 percent carbon built solid spine. It fletched with high profile 2-inch vanes to give you better stability during flights.

So, just pick your size, snatch it and head out to the woods straightforward to settle your target on the Buck trophy.


  • Pre-installed
  • Ready to fire right out of the box
  • Solid built
  • Offers complete package


  • Once purchase, you cannot resize it

8.Gold Tip Camo Hunter Arrows

If you’re looking for something within your means but sturdy, the Gold Tip Camo Hunter arrows are for you. You’ll get 6 Camo Hunter arrows spending just a third of the other Gold Tips. It comes with a good Camo color shaft, which lets you get perfect camouflage while hunting in forests.

Gold Tip Camo Hunter Arrows

Although it’s cheap in price, just like other Gold Tip, it retains the same straightness tolerance, and that is +/-.006 of an inch. It is a mid-weight arrow that establishes a good balance between speed and penetration, making it competent for any situation. So it’s certain with these arrows that whatever you’re shooting will be yours forever.

If you want an arrow that resists hunting abuse and lasts for a long time, the Gold Tip Camo Hunter will be the right choice. It uses Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon Technology during built to ensure unbeatable durability and straightness. Therefore, you can use an arrow over and over without issue.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable and straight
  • Great design
  • Perfect for camouflage


  • Not as perfect as Gold Tip Hunter pro

9.Gold Tip Traditional XT Arrows

Hunters who are looking for higher quality, but still to be committed to a traditional base, the Gold Tip Traditional XT arrow is for them.

Note, you sacrifice a little bit of straightness tolerance when choosing Gold Tip Traditional. But this time, you’re going to have excellent straightness. Sure! Gold Tip Traditional XT comes with +/-.003 of an inch straightness tolerance, which lets you hit the target more precisely than earlier.

Gold Tip Traditional XT Arrows

If you’re a skilled shooter, you know how critical the fletching arrangement for the arrow is. And you’ll be delighted to hear that the Gold Tip Arrows come with 5 inch barred feathers pre-installed at the factory.

These natural barred feathers are harvested from wild turkeys. So, it is sturdier and water-resistant and is best suited for recurve bows.

You can see a combination of the strength and durability in the appearance of this arrow. While it looks like wood, it is made of 100% carbon, making it the perfect choice for any typical archer who needs hard-hitting kinetic energy.


  • Classical wood-grained finish
  • Proven performance
  • Durable 100% carbon construction
  • High weight tolerance
  • Long natural feathers for fast flights


  • If you do not like the traditional look, this is not for you.
  • Higher price tag

10.Gold Tip Kinetic KAOS Arrows

Oh, whose end is perfect, everything is perfect. We want to do end our Gold Tip Arrows reviews with a positive one.

Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos is, therefore, will be a perfect choice for the bow hunters who are looking for a robust, hard-hitting, small diameter shaft that can provide the deepest penetration. It is also a good option for big game hunting or improved accuracy via strong wind and other adverse weather.

Gold Tip Kinetic KAOS Arrows

You’ll get a glimpse of its accuracy from its straightness tolerance – it’s +/-0025 of an inch, incredible, ha! Not only is it a straight line, but it is also lightweight with a super resistance of + /-.5 gr. In addition, the Kinetic shafts are made with the Smart Carbon Technology of Gold Tip and designed to provide maximum kinetic energy.

The Gold Tip Kinetic Arrows also features a Ballistic Collar that increases the overall toughness of the front end of the tube while also adding a little weight to the end to increase the overall FOC (Front of Center). These do have G-Nock Uni-bushings as well as a new G-Nock to give you the best target-performing hunting arrow.


  • Durable, hard-hitting, small diameter shaft
  • Increased accuracy in the wind and inclement weather
  • Comes with GTO Series nock & nock bushing
  • Ballistic Collar to ensure toughness


  • One or two spinners in a group of six may found wobbly.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Gold Tip Arrows

Does shopping for the best gold tip arrows get you stressed? Are you in doubt and confused to see a comprehensive list of all the good arrows? We know what it’s like. So, before choosing your best one, we prepare a small list of what to consider. Let’s check.


One of the most important features of an arrow is its precision to move continuously towards its target and to cut through the air. If you go through our gold tip arrow reviews, you will find that all ten arrows are designed with a straightness tolerance between + /-.001 to + /-.006, which is best on the market.

So, with this straightness, any arrow can give you the full accuracy of the shot. However, we recommended Gold Tip Hunter Pro Arrows to give you the most accurate shot of all.


The faster the arrow flies, the less likely the target will know its coming. The straightness of the trajectory and the penetration force of the hit was also associated with the speed of the arrow.

If speed is your first priority, then it’s best to choose an arrow with a lightweight and sturdy feature, and the gold tip arrows are best suited to this criterion. The Gold Tip Velocity and the Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce are, however, the strongest in terms of speed.


If you want your arrows to do a great job while staying in your quiver for months or years, then Gold Tip Arrows will be the right choice. You know, all the gold tip arrows are made of Gold Tip Smart Carbon ® Technology. So, the durability of the Gold tip arrows is assured.


The weight of an arrow is important in many respects. One of the most key aspects of this is speed. And you might find that all the Gold Tip Arrows are made of a carbon tube that makes them lightweight. Less weight arrow also gives you the advantage of being easy to carry in the woods.


If your arrows don’t have enough power to penetrate through the hide, bone, or flesh, you won’t be able to cash any game to yours. So, you have to choose an arrow that needs enough power and potentiality, and the gold tip arrows won’t disappoint you either in this case.


Where Are The Gold Tip Arrows Made?

Answer: Are you want to know which one is the ‘lying-in room’ of today’s famous Gold Tip Arrows? It was a simple garage. Sure! In 1989, Marvin Carlston and Vaughn Anderson began a broadhead venture at their garage. Only one year later, the world’s first carbon graphite shaft arrow was developed with their hand. And rest the journey you all know about.

Today, Gold Tip selling more than 400 products, including packed carbon graphite shaft arrows, creative lockable nock systems, precision inserts and adapters, and high-quality broadheads and tips. The current factory location of the Gold Tip arrow is in Orem, Utah.

How To Choose The Best Hunting Shaft?

Answer: To choose the best hunting shaft, you can follow our previously discussed points under the section of Factors to consider before buying an arrow. In short, the best hunting shaft has to be straight enough, lightweight, and potency to cut the air silently and penetrate through the target.

Are Heavier Arrows Better for Hunting?

Answer: From our previous discussion, you can already know that the weight of the arrow is a significant consideration for the precision and the speed of hunting, as well as the practice of target shooting. And lighter arrows are always preferable because they strive for better wind speed.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good thing to stay with the good. It’s quick to find an arrow around you, but you do not know how long they’re going to stick with you. But if you pick Gold Tip Arrows, you won’t have to buy the same thing again and again.

So, whether you’re a pro or a beginner hunter, choose the best gold tip arrows from our exhaustive list above and stay cool.

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