How to Hunt Whitetail Deer

Tips for Deer Hunters On How to Hunt Whitetail Deer This Season

What is the best way to hunt whitetail deer? Well, the answer would be there is not a single formula to hunt whitetail deer, which can ensure to get such a big trophy deer. Neither should you expect it as well? This is the job of hunters, to improvise the already existing wisdom with their own experience in the ground.

Hunting a deer, be it a whitetail deer or anything else, requires more than just some bookish knowledge. It requires great skills like excellent shooting ability. It also requires you to wait there hours and letting go of 50 bucks before your precious trophy arrives.

Yet, there have been some proven whitetail deer hunting tactics that have been aiding hunters for centuries. Why? Because they are based on the experience of other hunters. So, how to hunt whitetail deer and what are some tactics and strategies that can enhance the chance of your success? Let’s find out!

Why are Following Strategies for Whitetail Deer Hunting Important?

Wandering whitetail deer

There are several ways to hunt and kill whitetail deer for the maximum result. If you know following whitetail deer hunting tactics, your chance of getting a kill shot will skyrocket rather than having to strategy at all. Because hunting is a primal game, like it was a millennium ago, you need to make sure the deer does not spot you before you do it.

To succeed in hunting whitetail deer, you need to be sharp and precise. Following whitetail deer hunting strategies will ensure your chance of going for the kill. It will increase your chance to get back to the hunting camp with a nice and big trophy.

When Does the Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Start?

When is the best time for hunting whitetail deer? Well, it is November, the national month for hunters in North America. Hunters wake up from their year-long sleep to finally catch those Whitehall deer that have been bulking up their antlers all year long.

Learn How to find a whitetail deer first

Where to find whitetail deer and How to find whitetail deer? Well, you need to know some of the insider tips and knowledge about the mature whitetail deer traits. So here they are!

1. Locate Trails

Locating trails doesn’t necessarily increase your chance of spotting a whitetail deer. But it can provide you with some invaluable information about the habit and also the habitat as well. You can clearly understand the reason why the buck might be using the trail.

You can understand whether it is for food or a nearby water source. But make sure you have got a scent eliminator or something to mask off your scent before you decide to follow the trail for yourself.

2. Learn more about Foods that whitetail deer like

Deers are no different than humans in their food habits. They will always depend on the certain area and habitat they are into. Some areas might have plenty of corn, wheat or soybeans or if you are into the forest, it might be acorns or apples. Deers are quite lazy when it comes to food.

So they will feast on just the most readily available food they can munch on all day. They will go for any food that will not be exposing themselves to danger. So before going in for hunting, ask around. Or search google about what is the most preferred natural food of whitetails deer in a particular area.

3. Learn to locate deer Scrapes

Learning to read and locate the whitetail deer can be one of the invaluable skills you can learn. If you don’t already know, deers, including whitetail deer, communicate through scent. It is one of the most powerful senses they have. So to communicate with other deer, they leave a scent and then mask it with dirt and other things. But most importantly, it is a great sign of that particular area being an active sport for the deer.

So if you can locate those, your chance of getting a kill shot will be increased significantly. Because once you locate a scrape, then the rest is just a matter of time and getting the deer into your shooting range.

4. Look out for Rubs

Rubs are generally the scratches made by the whitetail deer by the antlers into the trees. Why do they make such scratch marks and why is it so important? Well, they typically do it for showing who is the boss in a certain area or when they just want some rubbing. These rubs or scratch marks can provide invaluable information.

It will be helpful to determine whether there is any chance of finding a mature whitetail deer in a given terrain. Also, if the rubs are found in a specific trail or suggest a route, there is a good chance that the whitetail deer might go this route frequently.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Strategies for Beginners

1. Why choose stand hunting?

The most common whitetail deer hunting tactic is the stand hunting. It is a tactic widely followed by both amateur and professional hunters as well. You should Opt-in for Stand hunting if you are a complete beginner. The reason is that it is quite simple but simply the most effective strategy you can follow for the beginners.

2. How to stand hunt a whitetail deer

Have you been wondering how to hunt whitetail deer for beginners? The stand hunting is where you stand in a tree or a tower and wait for the deer to come near. Whitetail deer can be attracted by planting or enticing food for them to eat. Besides, female scent can be used to attract males in breeding seasons.

3. Choose your tree stand

You can find mostly two basic types of tree stands and they are the climbing tree stand and the ladder tree stand. You will have a seat up there if you go for the ladder tree stand. So it is quite good if you have to wait up there long hours before the game shows up. But the downside here is that they are not that portable as ladder tree stands tend to be quite heavy.

On the other hand, the climbing tree stands are lightweight and easier to carry around as well. It also enables you to move the tree stand around if necessary quickly.

4. Find the best spot for maximum results

You need to find and locate the best position to hunt whitetail deer. Otherwise, you can spend hours on the tree stand but any chance of spotting the deer would be a far cry. So before you even started with all the other things and preparation of Whitetail deer hunting, scout for finding the best spot.

See around for trails and some of the best locations should be the route near the food source and the cover for the deer.

5. Checklist for beginner hunters

  • Get to your stand an hour or two before daylight. The earlier, the better
  • Mask yourself with a fox scent. Special emphasis should be put into the shoes.
  • Make sure it doesn’t squeak.
  • Do not cut too much tree brunches; otherwise; you might expose yourself to them.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Advanced Strategies

How to still hunt whitetail deer?

If you are somewhat experienced, you can go for Another widely followed whitetail deer hunting strategy that is known as Still hunting. It is slowly moving through the woods, following and tracking deer. You will also stop frequently to listen and read signs to recognize where the big bucks are.

Although it is not so suitable for the beginners nor they are the easiest, mastering it can help you to become more of an advanced hunter because this is how the professionals do it in this sport!

Pack the essentials

Still hunting is essentially stealth hunting and as like anything, you will be done in stealth, still hunting to require only the necessary gears and clothing. You should pack only the essential equipment that isn’t going to make you less agile and incapable of moving quickly. So do not take anything that is too heavy and slows you down.

Take it slow

Yes, it is the essential rule of stand hunting you will find in any whitetail deer hunting tips for beginners rulebook. It is recommended that you do not make it haste. Do you want to do it quickly and get done with the whole thing? If you have a certain time frame you have in your mind, you are not going to see any games at all. You might get spotted by the deer even before you do and, as a result of not a single chance to take a shot.

Make sure to stay in covers

Shadows and terrains are your best friends. Do not ever go all out or forget to take cover. Because when doing still hunting, you can not afford to be seen or make any mistakes like exposing yourself to the deer. Do study the area before you even go in.

The End

Not all hunts are the same, nor are the hunters. It will largely depend on which weapon of choice you are having and also which terrains you have opted for. But no matter whether you are just starting or an experienced pro, whitetail deer hunting is an incredible thing to do. It is one of the best ways to get in touch with your primal skills.

So have you been gearing up for November? Make sure to follow the whitetail deer hunting trips we have shared here. It may not be much. But one thing for sure, it will cut down lots of wandering around for proper information about How to hunt whitetail deer properly and when to do it.

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