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Finding The 10 Best Bowfishing Arrows for 2021

Fishing should be fun. At least when it’s about hitting the prey right into its flesh, you won’t stand it if you miss the target over and over again. And what’s worse, even if you hit a fish with an arrow, sometimes it just slips off the tip.

To make sure you have the best fishing experience, you need to get your hands on the best bowfishing arrows. With these arrows in your arsenal, you’ll never feel what it feels like to end up being pale when you can’t catch even a single fish.

Want to get your hands on the perfect bow fishing arrows? Take a tour with me.

Top 5 Best Bowfishing Arrows Comparison Table

Image Product Name Details Price
No products found. No products found. >32 inches long (excl. tip)
> 2″ holding area
> 2 hardened barbs
No products found.
No products found. No products found. >31 inches long
> 2.5″ holding power
> 2 mechanical barbs
No products found.
No products found. No products found. >32 inches long
> 5/16″ Diameter
> 2 hardened barbs
No products found.
No products found. No products found. > Stainless steel tip
> Slide nocking safety
> 2 barb points
No products found.
No products found. No products found. >35 inches long
> 2 hardened barbs
> Comes with broadheads
No products found.

Top 10 Best Bowfishing Arrows Reviews

Below are the bowfishing arrows we have been talking about. These are durable, functional and most importantly they kill the prey instantly.

1. AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass White Arrow

If you want to taste a package of durability and functionality, you might want to have a look at the Fiberglass arrow from AMS. To make sure you can catch your prey right, this arrow is the perfect catalyst for you.

First off, this durable beast is made of solid stainless steel material. Meaning, no matter how tough a beating it goes through, the arrow can survive anything just like that.

AMS Bowfishing Fiberglass White Arrow

As you make your shot, the replaceable cyclone-tip will penetrate inside the flesh of the fish and make sure it has its first kill. Yep, the arrow is that lethal. Besides, thanks to the fiberglass shaft, the arrow travels more straightly than ever.

For which, you’re less likely to miss any of your targets after you take the shot. In addition, the arrow comes with Everglide Safety-slide with the set. As a result, the arrow doesn’t get tangled while you get the line in place.

After you take down the fish, the strong barb grabs on to it tightly. Even if the fish survives by any chance, there’s no way it will be able to slip away off the arrow tip.

What We Liked

  • Made of solid stainless-steel material for durability.
  • Replaceable cyclone-tip penetrates deeply inside the flesh.
  • The fiberglass shaft makes sure the arrow travels straightly.
  • Everglide safety-slide makes sure the arrow doesn’t get tangled.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The tip makes a bit bigger hole as it penetrates the flesh of the fish.

Final Thoughts: It’s an excellent arrow in quality, quite durable and considered as one the best bowfishing arrows available on the market.

2. Maifield Carbon-Fiber Bowfishing Arrow

If you were about to give up hunting fishes, it’s probably time to give it a second thought. We don’t know what ill-fate you’ve experienced with the typical bow-fishing arrows but you can wave off all your worries now.

Thanks to the bow-fishing arrow from Maifield, you’ll have the ultimate hunting experience. It comes with a solidly built shaft for which you never get to miss any target.

Maifield Carbon-Fiber Bowfishing Arrow

As you shoot the arrow, it will pierce through the fish as it travels more straightly unlike anything else in the marketplace.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting down your prey in shallow water or a deep one, this arrow won’t miss the bulls-eye if you shoot it correctly. Thanks to its short body, the arrow penetrates the flesh to the fullest while confirming an instant kill.

After you’ve taken down your target, the barbs start their job. Even if the fish stays alive somehow, the barb holds it tightly to the tip, making sure the fish doesn’t get slipped off the arrow.

As for durability, the shaft is made of carbon fiber while the tip is made of solid stainless steel. For which, you can use this arrow for years to come.

Since it’s light in weight, you get to shoot the arrow with higher accuracy and balance.

What We Liked

  • The shaft makes sure the arrow travels straightly.
  • Since it has a short body, it pierces the flesh instantly.
  • The barbs make sure the prey doesn’t get slipped off.
  • With carbon fiber tip shaft and stainless-steel tip, you get enhanced durability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The nock isn’t visible enough.

Final Thoughts: For an entry-level hunter, you can use the arrows from Maifield with your eyes closed. Yes, you may have a hard time setting the arrow on the bow a bit, but eventually, you can get the hang of it.

3. Muzzy Bow Fishing Arrow with Point

If durability and functionality are what you want, you should go for the fiberglass bow-fishing arrow from Muzzy. This churns out everything you need to make sure you catch each and every prey you have your eyes on.

Unlike the typical ones in the marketplace, the shaft it comes with is made of durable fiberglass. It’s completely rugged and can withstand all the beatings, it doesn’t matter how rough you use it for your fishing job.

Muzzy Bow Fishing Arrow with Point

On top of that, it won’t crack or bend any time soon and you can use this arrow for the long run. It has got a gar point, for which, no matter how tough of a skin a fish has got, the arrow pierces through it within a snap.

As for the barb it comes with, it’s so strong that there’s no chance for the fish to get slipped away when it’s down.

The arrow is very light in weight, which obviously is a plus for you for easy maneuverability.

The two-pronged head, on the other hand, comes in a standard size and you can flip it to remove the fish. All you need to do is turn the tips a bit to loosen it up.

What We Liked

  • The durable fiber-glass shaft can take all the beatings.
  • It comes with gar-point to cut through tough-skinned fishes.
  • The barb makes sure the fish doesn’t get slipped when caught.
  • It’s light in weight, so you’re getting easy maneuverability.
  • The two-pronged head makes sure you can detach the fish easily.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The barb is not perfect for large species.

Final Thoughts: If you’re going for a budget, we think this one should be your best pick. The arrow is quite durable and functional for its price.

4. AMS Bowfishing Mayhem Arrows

AMS bowfishing arrows are probably one of the perfect catalysts if you want to make sure catching fishes doesn’t end up being a near-miss. This giant makes very cheap bowfishing arrows, yet the functionality is simply top-notch.

It comes with a solid stainless-steel body, for which, you won’t have to worry about its strength. Hold on to your horses mate! Just because we said ‘steel’, don’t let the word ‘corrosion’ pop inside your head.

AMS Bowfishing Mayhem Arrows

Thanks to its anti-corrosion features, these arrows from AMS stay durable for years. As for the shaft, thanks to the fiberglass built-quality, it can take all the beatings like a pro.

As you shoot the arrows, it travels to the straightest way possible and you never get to miss any shot ever again. Deepwater, shallow water, you name, you can catch your prey instantly anywhere.

The barbs are super strong and fold flat as you get your shot. To hold the fish from slipping away, it opens to 2.5 inches instantly.

After you got your prey, you can simply turn the shaft and release the barb to get a hold of your fish.

What We Liked

  • Arrows are made of solid stainless steel material.
  • They’re coated with anti-corrosion features.
  • The shafts are made of fiber-glass for enhanced durability.
  • With the fold-flat barbs, the fish doesn’t get slipped away once caught.
  • You can remove the fish instantly and easily by turning the shaft.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The arrows are a bit heavier in weight.

Final Thoughts: Despite the arrows are a bit heavy in weight, you can actually get easy maneuverability if you put some extra force. The fact that it can help you with instant-kill is also a cherry on top.

5. AMS A206-White Fiberglass Arrow

If you like the arrows from AMS but you want to go for something which will let you taste something different, you can check out the A206 from this giant. You want the best bowfishing arrow? Well, you got it.

Unlike anything else in the marketplace, this durable beast is made of solid stainless steel body which makes sure it can take all the beatings. Thanks to the fiberglass bowfishing arrow shaft, on the other hand, which talks durability to the fullest.

AMS A206-Wht Fiberglass Arrow

As you shoot your arrows, you will be impressed to see how straightly it travels and meets the bullseye. For deeper penetration, the manufacturers kept the body quite short.

While the arrow gets the shot and takes the prey down, the 3 collapsed barbs will hold spread up to 2.5 inches of the holding area and make sure the fish doesn’t get slipped in any way. The best part? They make a very small hole while holding your prey.

However, make sure you’re not dealing with a large fish with soft flesh, for which, you may find some issue grabbing it for long.

After you’ve got your prey, you can simply remove it by loosening the tip by making some turns so that the barbs are flipped. There’s no need for you to remove the tip completely.

What We Liked

  • Solid stainless-steel body enhances strength and durability.
  • The arrow shaft is made of fiberglass which makes it strong.
  • Since it has a short body, you’ll have deeper penetration.
  • It has got 3 collapsed barbs that hold your fish tightly.
  • Makes a small hole as you get your shot.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The barbs can’t hold large fishes tightly.

Final Thoughts: Even though AMS has got a lot of other options as well but this one is a complete package for being budget-friendly, comfortable and something that hits the target. Especially, we loved the collapsed barbs. You can go for it without asking any questions.

6. Muzzy Bowfishing Classic Fish-Arrow with Carp Point

If Muzzy bowfishing arrows have taken your attention, you can try this model from the same giant. What makes it stand out from the rest? That’s what we’re about to find out.

The part that can make you impressed is its nock. The nock of this arrow is highly visible, for which it stays on its place firmly without getting slipped away from the bow. To make yourself more comfortable, it has got a safety-slide installed in its rig.

Muzzy Bowfishing Classic Fish-Arrow

As a result, whenever you shoot the arrow to the fishes, you do it with accuracy. It’s time to say goodbye to those near-misses once and for all.

As far as durability is concerned, this fish arrow is made solid rugged fiber-glass. It doesn’t matter what tough of a condition it goes through; this fish arrow can simply stand all the beatings no matter what.

Besides, when you shoot the arrows, it doesn’t make a curve. Rather, it hits the directly to the flesh while traveling to the straightest way possible.

While you make your shoot, the barbs grab on to your prey so tightly that there’s no way for it to get loose.

If the fish is down, you can simply detach it from the arrow simply by removing the tip. It’s just that easy.

What We Liked

  • It has got a highly visible nock for its arrow to stand firm.
  • The arrow has got safety-slide installed in its rig.
  • Solid rugged fiber-glass talks about enhanced durability.
  • The barbs make sure your fish doesn’t get slipped away.
  • You can easily remove the fish simply by removing the tip.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The broadhead is very small in size.

Final Thoughts: The best part about this arrow is its nock and safety-slide. If you face issues with your arrows not staying on the bow, you can go for this one right away.

7. TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow

Now we know we have been talking a lot about Muzzy and AMS so much. To be honest, we can’t help it as they’re that good. However, here’s something that deserves to be the perfect competitor against both of the giants you met previously.

If you want durability to the fullest while you want to save yourself some bucks, you can go for Truglo. It’s been packed up with durability and functionality.

TRUGLO Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrow

First off, the tip it has got, unlike anything else, ensures you premium-grade feedback and that too at an affordable cost. Besides, it’s been made with hardened stainless steel. The tip pierces through the flesh of the fish once it hits the target.

The whole body, however, is made out of premium fiberglass. Now, what makes it more different than the rest? Well, the shaft is colored with fluorescent that holds a very high-visibility.

This means, you can go fishing even at night and you can still locate your arrow and your prey.

That’s just the durability. We would say it’s the best bow fishing arrow when it comes to accuracy as well. It’s light in weight and most importantly, it’s ultra-slim. As a result, you get easy maneuverability while shooting it.

Besides, the arrow comes with a safety slide system, so as you shoot you get the line in place while there’s no chance for the arrow getting tangled.

What We Liked

  • The stainless-steel premium-grade tip that pierces easily.
  • The whole body is made of premium fiberglass.
  • On the shaft, there’s a fluorescent coating for high visibility.
  • It’s ultra-slim and light in weight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It attracts dirt more than others.

Final Thoughts: Trugo is probably one of the most overlooked brands in the market. But if you want the best bow fishing arrows for the money that comes with amazing durability, this one is the perfect arrow for you.

8. Jiexi Hwyp Stainless Steel Fish Hunting Arrows

Piercing the flesh should be your key-concern, yeah? Let us help get you a fish hunting arrow that pierces right into the prey’s heart if you manage to hit it right.

Talking about the hunting arrow from Jiexi Hwyp. This beast is one of a kind when it comes to sharpness and pointy tip.

As you take a look at it, the arrow will rather boast like a sword. So, you won’t have to worry about piercing through the flesh at all.

Jiexi Hwyp Stainless Steel Fish Hunting Arrows

This brings us to the material it’s made of. We mean we did tell about the arrows that are made of steel but this one is made of pure 304-stainless steel which is a top-grade material in the steel industry.

So, you can guess all by yourself that this arrow is a hunting beast.

In addition, it’s only long and weighs no more than 17g. This is a plus for you to have easy maneuverability. As a result, you’re one step ahead to hit your target.

After you get your target, the barb will make sure the fish doesn’t escape even if it’s a big one. Speaking of which, you can even dominate the big fishes which were a bit tough for the ones mentioned above.

The whole set offers you an impressive amount of 6 pieces of hunting arrows. The fact that you can use it for Slingshot as well as a cherry on top.

What We Liked

  • It has got a very pointy tip that pierces through the flesh easily.
  • Made of 304 stainless-steel material which enhances its durability.
  • The arrow is light in weight, which gives you easy maneuverability.
  • With the whole set, you’re getting 6 pieces of hunting arrows.

What We Didn’t Like

  • You may find it hard to adjust with a regular-sized crossbow.

Final Thoughts: Had we skipped this hunting arrow, you wouldn’t know about this amazing product, would you? If you want a pointy and sharp arrow that cuts through almost anything, this one is your perfect catalyst.

9. Safari Choice Bowfishing Arrows with Broadheads

If you’re someone who loves the wild and the shark-like fishes, you can use the help of an arrow that comes with broadheads. Which brings us to one of the most used arrows in the marketplace that customers use for large prays, Safari Choice.

This one has got everything you need for getting the hold of monstrous fishes with your instant-kills. As you shoot the arrow, it will go right inside the flesh of the fish while the barbs will make sure the arrow remains hooked no matter what.

Safari Choice Bowfishing Arrows

And guess what? To hit the target, you don’t have to give yourself a hard time. It’s super-light in weight with a very slender body. As a result, when you shoot it, you shoot it with ultimate accuracy.

As far as the durability is concerned, this one can take a beating. Thanks to its heavy-duty body, this bowfishing arrow survives all the toughest challenges.

While you set the arrow on the bow, the rubber stop on the back helps the arrow to stay firmly on the bow. Thanks to the bowfishing arrow shaft, the arrows fly straightly and seamlessly.

With the whole set, you’re getting up to 3 fishing arrows. So, if you happen to lose one, you can use some backup with the other two.

What We Liked

  • It can be used to kill large fishes instantly.
  • It’s super light-weight for which you get easy maneuverability.
  • The shaft lets it travel in the straightest way possible.
  • Boasts a heavy-duty body, so it lasts for years to come.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The rubber stop on the back may fall off.

Final Thoughts: Not every bowfishing arrow will allow you to hit large fishes. And when it comes to hunting into the wild, things get much more complicated. Safari Choice can be the best pick for you if you want your aim to be a success.

10. GPP Hunting Bowfishing Arrows with Broadhead

Your journey to the best bow fishing arrows might end right now with the GPP hunting arrows. No, we’re not going to disappoint you with a low-end one now that you’ve come to the last part.

Before we jump into the features, let us tell you that this arrow set gives you two package variations. While there’s a 3-arrow set, you can also try the 6-arrows set if you want more. The price? Don’t worry, nothing will cost you a fortune even though it has got mind-boggling features.

GPP Hunting Bowfishing Arrows

Speaking of which, it’s probably the best alternative if you want accuracy and precision in the best form. Compared to others, it’s super-slim and ultra-light in weight. The diameter is just 8 mm.

As the arrows are shot from your bow, you can hit your target instantly while there’s no room for your prey to hide. Thanks to the shaft, the arrows travel in the straightest way possible.

In addition, each of the arrows come with broadheads. Meaning, you get to cut through the flesh of the fish and kill it instantly in one blow. As the barbs grab on to the flesh, there’s no way for the prey to get slipped away even if you’re working under a heavy tide.

After you get your kill, you can simply remove the arrow from the fish’s body simply by turning the shaft backward. If somehow the tip gets damaged, you can go for a replacement and the arrow will be good as new.

What We Liked

  • The arrow is very slender and light.
  • The shaft allows the arrow to travel straightly.
  • With each arrow, you’re getting broadheads to kill the prey instantly.
  • The barb grabs on to the fish’s flesh very tightly.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The orange-colored arrows look a bit pale.

Final Thoughts: Even though look matters a lot but at the end of the day it’s functionality that matters most. So, it’s better for you to take the features of this arrow into account and choose it for the greater good.

The Definitive Bowfishing Arrow Buying Guide

So, you’re going to buy an arrow for bow fishing? Good for you. However, do you know what features you should look for before you buy an arrow? If you’re nodding your head to say ‘No’, you should check the things you should consider before buying a bowfishing arrow.


The material your arrow is made of confirms its durability. Make sure you buy an arrow that is made of heavy-duty material so that it can last for a long time. Now, you’ll get stainless-steel arrows as well as fiber-glass arrows.

Some arrows have stainless-steel tip but the body itself is made of fiber-glass. Though we prefer fiber-glass arrows over everything. They don’t break easily while facing the toughest challenges.


The shaft makes sure how straight your arrow will travel. While typical arrows have low-end shafts, you have to get your hands on the premium ones. The better the shaft, the more straight your arrow will travel.

Safety Slide

Not saying it’s a mandatory part but the safety slide is something you should have if you want to make sure your arrow doesn’t get tangled when you’re getting the line in place.


Sometimes the arrow slips off the bow when you try to shoot it. This can get on your nerves. To make sure you don’t face this bummer, you’ll have to go for an arrow that comes with highly visible nocks.

The nock will make sure the arrow stands firmly on the bow as you’ll want to shoot it.

Easy Fish Removing Process

Sometimes, when the arrow pierces through the flesh of a fish, it becomes so hard to remove the fish from the tip. So, always make sure the arrow you’re going to offers you an easy-removal process.


As you hit the flesh of a fish, the barb is the thing that grabs it and makes sure the fish doesn’t get slipped off the arrow tip. You’ll find how many inches of the area the barb can cover. The more area it can grab on to, the better.


The pointy tip is the part that pierces inside the flesh of the fish initially. Go for the arrows that have got pointy and sharp tips. These will enter the fish’s body instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get bowfishing arrows personalized?

Answer: Custom bowfishing arrows can be easily found in arrow stores. However, if you have already bought a regular looking arrow, we would say you can make some changes to the color only. It’s better not to personalize it to the fullest.

2. What are the materials a bowfishing arrow made of?

Answer: It depends. Some bowfishing arrows are made of solid stainless steel while the other ones are made of fiber-glass.

3. What are the differences between bowfishing arrow and regular arrow?

Answer: As the name says, bowfishing arrows are meant for fish hunting. There are lots of differences between bowfishing arrows and regular arrows but the key difference is the way you get your fish.

With the regular arrows, you may hit the target but there’s no way you’ll be able to pull the fish back towards you along with the arrow. But the bowfishing arrows come with the line that lets you pull the fish towards you.

Besides, bowfishing arrows pierce through the flesh of the prey more brutally than the regular ones.

4. What arrow rest should I use for Bowfishing?

Answer: We would suggest you go for a whisker biscuit arrow rest.

5. Do all of these products have warranty offers?

Answer: Yes, they do. However, to know all the details about the warranty duration, you’ll need to contact the seller you got your arrows from.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve gone through all the reviews, finding the best bowfishing arrows won’t be a problem for you. Keep in mind that we’ve talked about only the hot-running products in the market. So, without giving yourself a second thought, you should get yourself one of these products right away.

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