How to Size a Recurve Bow

How to Size a Recurve Bow | Choosing what size recurve bow do I need?

If you are into competitive archery or hunting, then you know how important accuracy is. But do you know that the size of your recurve bow also plays a significant role in your accuracy? So you need to know how to size a recurve bow.

I used my brother’s bow to practice archery at home when I was a kid, and that experience wasn’t really fun. As you can imagine, it was too big and heavy for me, and it became a burden just to hold the bow, let alone shoot the arrow at the target.

And although, as an adult, you might not feel much difficulty using a short or big bow, the results will be drastically different from using one that is the correct size for you.

The average bow size is around 64 inches in length, and since the average height of a person fluctuates from country to country, you can’t find your perfect bow size like that and need to be more precise.

For that, I have discussed two methods you can try to find what bow size will be right for you.

Methods of Finding the Right Recurve Bow Size:

Technically there are two effective ways of recurve bow sizing. One is through your draw length, and the other is through your height. If you are unsure and wondering, “what size bow should I get?” then these methods will surely help you.

Method One: Using Your Draw Length

Draw length, as the name implies, is the total length or distance the person can draw or pull the arrow back. Thus it insinuates the person’s full potential using the bow and a great way of sizing a recurve bow.

Now, to find your draw length, here is what you have to do:

Stand against a wall with your back to it and raise your arms to shoulder height.

Measure the total length from one end from the tip of your middle finger to the other end in inches.

Now take that measured number and subtract 15 and then divide that number by 2. The result is your draw length.

You are maybe now wondering, “okay, now what?” well, all you need to do is find your recommended recurve bow dimensions using your draw length from the recurve bow size chart provided by AMO or Archery Manufacturers Organization. I have listed it down below:

Draw LengthAMO Bow Length
14-16 inches48 inches
17-20 inches54 inches
20-22 inches58 inches
22-24 inches62 inches
24-26 inches64-66 inches
26-28 inches66-68 inches
28-30 inches68-70 inches
31 inches and above70-72 inches

Method Two: Using Your Height

Another easy way of finding the right recurve bow size for you is by using your total height. This is easier to do but might not be as accurate as of the first method, although the difference is not that big either.

Follow the table below to find out how to properly size a recurve bow based on your height properly:

Archer’s HeightAMO Bow Length
5’6” and under64 inches
5’7” – 5’10”66 inches
5’11” – 6’2”68 inches
6’3” and over70 inches

How Do I Know If My Bow Is Not the Right Size for Me?

Every bow has a draw limit and draw length at peak point, which will provide the most accurate results for the bow.

To check if your bow is rather big or small for you, draw the bow. If the draw length goes over the peak length for the bow, as stated in the charts above, then you will notice failures in accuracy, as the draw weight has also increased.

This can happen if you are using a 54-inch bow, but you can draw up to 22-inch length, meaning the bow is short for you.

On the other hand, if your arms can’t reach the recommended draw length for the bow, then it is too big for you. You will then not only be sacrificing accuracy but also the arrow speed, resulting in flimsy shots that will not go that far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does recurve bow length matter?

Yes, as I mentioned before, having the right recurve bow length will make it easier for you to draw your bow and get more accuracy while shooting. So if you don’t want to feel compromised in archery and shooting then, you need to get the right bow size.

What size recurve bow do I need for hunting?

Since hunting requires accuracy, you need to either check your draw length or your total height for the recommended right bow size by AMO. The more accurate it will be to your body proportion, the easier it will be for you to hunt, given you are already skilled at shooting.

Final Words

I hope I answered your question to “what size recurve bow do I need?” If you feel like you are still not sure how to size a recurve bow, then consult an expert or talk to a reputable shop owner for advice.

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