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Samick Polaris Bow Review – 62″ Takedown Bow

Those who love Samick Sage and want the same quality traditional bow for his/her child Samick Polaris bow 62’’ takedown recurve bow is the right choice for them. Draw weights of Polaris started at 15#, which is perfectly all right for the beginner’s, on the other hand, it support hunters with 40# one.

Samick Polaris is a takedown bow best in quality and sturdy enough for small hunting game or target practice by a beginner, especially children, and women.

It has had four distinct bow length 48, 54, 62 & 66 inches and lightweight. 62″ bow length recommended for a height of 145 – 165 cm (4’-9’’ to 5’-5’’) body stature.

Samick Polaris 62 Inch Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Draw Weight: 15 to 40 lbs.
  • Bow Length: 48, 54, 62 & 66 inches
  • Bow Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Both Left and Right Handed
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Riser: Wooden

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Regarding the budget, it is a bit lower than the Sage, so if you want to start archery as a newbie, the Polaris Youth is a perfect setting for you.

Samick Polaris Bow’s Detail Discussion

Quality Wooden Riser

The riser of the Samick Polaris bow is visually very appealing. It made of different kind of woods like walnut, white oak, olive diamond wood or hard maple laminations. The stripes of brown and beige lumber and a red one in the middle in the riser brings the aesthetical looks in it.

Polaris Riser

The riser is equipped with a cut past the center with a crown arrow shelf. A shelf that’s cut past the center of riser helps to erase the effects of what’s called the archer’s paradox. On a cut-past center, the arrow sits in an angel with the string and because of this angel string push the arrows forward.

Besides the forward speed, there is a side-flex which found due to a little force created by a string if the angle between the center and string increase, the arrow flex also increasing in the same ration which is not acceptable for accurate shooting.

So with the shelf with a cut past center, will help you to get the angle pretty close to zero, yielding better efficiency.

The riser also come up with the predrilled brush bushing which allows you to set stabilizer, quiver/sight and or plunger.

Long-lasting Fiberglass Limbs

The limbs of Polaris Recurve Bow covered with white fiberglass and highlighted finish. It constructed with hard maple combined with white fiberglass which has a metal limb pocket and single tapered knob. It is durable enough for rough use by children or learner archer. 

Due to the single tapered knob, it is easy to take down and carry along with you wherever required. Also, you can interchange the limbs for an upgrade or change white color with a black one with Samick Sage.So, once you started with lower poundage, it will allow you to increase draw weight in future, which is a cost-effective option for you.

However, most of the bowman use this model as a lighter option for casual backyard or target shooting.

Include B-50 Dacron String

The package of Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow includes a B-50 Dacron String, but not contain any stringer with it. However, a stringer is a key to claim warranty as well as it will ease your job the stringing and unstringing the bow. So, during the purchase of a Polaris bow side by side, you should order a stringer too, which is not much costlier.Dacron is a good string for starting, but it is not up to the mark. So, a large number of archer don’t like it. As the tips of the limbs reinforced, you can change Dacron with the most widely used string FastFlight or Flemish

Power and Accuracy

The Polaris Recurve Archery Bow comes with different AMO size from 48’’ to 66’’. Depending on bow length the draw weights also vary from 15# to 40#. 48-inches extended bow with a 15# is a great combination for any youth, ten to eleven years old can draw it easily.

However, 66’’ with 40# is a tough one for that youth, but easy for an adult with a long arm. For the average stature bowman 62’’ bow with 30 pounds or more draw weights, Samick is just stunning.

The available draw weights vs. bow length –

48’’ to 54’’

15#, 20#, & 25#

62’’ to 66’’ 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#, & 40#    

The Samick Polaris is a perfect bow for both indoor and outdoor use. You will get accurate shooting by it and could maintain 1-inch groupings from 15 yards distance, and 1-1/2 inch groupings from 25 yards. That’s pretty impressive for such an economic recurve bow.

Accessories Included

In spite of economic bow, Samick includes all necessary things to start playing with it immediately after unboxing. It contains three-piece Takedown bow for easy transportation and storage, one camper sight or equivalent, one B-50 bowstring, one brass nocks, one finger tab, three Easton XX75 arrows and an arm-guard in its package.

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What we liked 

  • Excellent bow for beginning archers
  • Quite accurate and powerful
  • Interchangeable limbs
  • Allows both the Left-handed and right-handed
  • Decent brace height – 7 ½  to 8 ½ inches
  • Beautiful design
  • Versatile

Cons with Solution 

  • No bow stringer included

Solution: Yes! It is true that Samick not consists of any stringer with it. You might know that it is an economic package of Samick Company. However, it is not costlier; you may easily collect it from the market. Moreover, also remember that it is necessary for stringing or unstringing a bow. Without assembling the bow with a stringer is prohibited and warranty will be void.

  • Too long for comfortable use hunting

Solution: In our, Polaris recurve bow review we said that it comes with several sizes from 48’’ to 66’’ bow length. So, during the order, you have the option to check your comfort zone and select the appropriate bow size accordingly.

FAQ of Polaris Recurve Bow

Q. Is it suitable for Hunting or beginner bow only?Ans.: As you know, the higher bow length 66’’ with 40# Polaris is suitable for hunting. However, that can handle an adult person only. Controlling such bow length in the woods is not an easy task for all, so Polaris is known as a low budget practice bow.Q. Is the Samick Polaris Recurve bow noisy?Ans.: The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bows a quieter bow than most of the budget bows available in the market. Top of that you use a silencer, it will be more silent.

Q. What is the bow weight of Samick Polaris? Is it a heavier one?Ans.: the bow weight of Polaris Youth is not more than 3 pounds, which lighter even other Samick like Sage and Journey.Q. Does the Polaris Youth come with an ergonomic handle or not? Ans.: The handle of Polaris recurve archery bow designed very well, but a bit thicker which create discomfort for women or child during grip.

Samick Polaris vs. Sage vs. Journey

Samick Polaris Vs Sage

Samick presents Sage 62’’ bow which comes with a wide range of draw weights like 25 to 60 pounds with 5 pounds increments, which are a bit higher than the Polaris. On the other hand, Polaris is a lighter bow than the sage 3.4 pounds.

Polaris a kind of beginner bow only instead of sage support both indoor archery practice and outdoor shooting or hunting. Regarding quality, both the bow are same and Samick quality.

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Samick Journey vs. Polaris

The bow length of the Journey is 64-inches, the bow weights 3.4 lbs., and the draw weights of the Samick Journey is 30-60 pounds. You can easily understand that as compare Polaris is a bit lighter, but lower poundage bow then Journey.

However, if you see the quality, accuracy, and design, all created by maintaining the Samick is standard.

Conclusion On Samick Polaris Review

After considering all, the Samick Polaris 62 takedown recurve bow is fun to use as a beginner, or young adult’s as the first venture into archery. Many have started with a Samick Polaris, and they haven’t been disappointed by any of its landscapes: its looks, its presentations, or your daily use with it.

It’s easy to string, simple to either take down or put back together and is both quiet and smooth in the field of archery. Hope you will love this economic bow once you start to use it.

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