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SAS Robin Hood Longbow Review and Inspections

Robin Hood is a famous character in the movie “Prince of Thieves” released in June 1991. Robin Hood was a legendary archer who fights against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Because of his noble character, people still hark back to him for his longbow and archery skill. SAS robin hood longbow recalled us that character very well, especially among old adults and teenagers.

There are many longbow brands in the marketplace; Southland Archery Supply crafted robin hood longbow is one of the most favorite brands among the beginner and a perfect fit for smaller hands.

SAS is known for its top quality and customer loyalty which does not deviate in case of robin hood bow too. It is an excellent edition of longbow surprised those who are scurrilous about the design and features.

Southland Archery Supply Robinhood Bow
  • Draw Weight: 30 lbs., and 35 lbs. 
  • Bow Length: 59-1/4 inch 
  • Bow Weight: 2 lbs. 
  • Right or Left handed
  • Draw Length: 22 – 29 inches
  • Reinforced Composite Riser

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To know more specifically about the features and other details, please stay with us in our entire review on this fantastic bow.

Feature of SAS robin hood longbow

Riser and Limbs

It’s an excellent entry-level bow for an adult or young who craving to give archery a go. Read the mind of youth SAS designed the grip and arms of robin hood bow with high quality reinforced composite materials, withstand against casual use.Assembling of riser and limbs are quite simple, and storage of this bow in the bag is easy as well. It is such a convenient bow that a single women archer can do everything like stringing, assembling riser by themselves without wastage of much time.

Draw Weight

SAS crafted the Robin Hood longbow plain and simple. Alike its design SAS also keep the features too short. It comes with two size 30 and 35 pounds, quite small compared to other brands in the market. However, this draw weights are perfect for apprentice archer.


It’s a great bow comes with 59¼ inches long which is forgiving in nature which leads to making it is an accurate bow and can shoot with a speed of 150 FPS within a far distance of 20 yards or more. Some archer criticizes about this bow that they feel little vibration during shooting.

However, you can omit that vibration or hand shock effect easily by wearing a finger tab or use gloves. Additionally, this longbow is the lighter bow in its class, allows you to carry wherever you want to go.


A remarkable benefit of this robin hood archery is that it offers an arrow rest in its package. You do not need spending extra time and money to purchase this essential part. You can also replace the arrow rest selecting another one from Amazon.

SAS also includes three main elements inside the box which contains one longbow, one armguard and a Screw Arrow Rest. However, it’s a big snip with the reasonably priced bow like SAS 30-35lbs 22-29″ robin hood longbow.

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Table for Popular longbows

Bow Name 



Bow Weight

Bow Length

Draw Weight


SAS Pioneer Longbow Right hand Wooden 2.6 lbs. 68 Inch. 35-55 lbs. Our Review
SAS Robin hood longbow Left & Right wooden 2.0 lbs. 60 Inch. 30-35 lbs. Our Review
Mongolian style hand made longbow Left & Right Wooden & Leather Not Listed 55 Inch. 30-60 lbs. Our Review
Hunting- door traditional longbow Left & Right Red beech or Acacia wood Not Listed 51 Inch. 30-55 lbs. Our Review


  • Simple but decent looks
  • Ultra-light-weight and affordable price
  • Easy for using and storage
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed persons
  • Perfect match for the beginner archer
  • Effortless assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to replace the arrow rest
  • Ideal for small hands like women

Cons with Solution

  • Weak arrows and string

Solution: The supplied arrow and string are not best in quality. SAS includes them for instant starting without waste your time to purchase new parts. However, this is not a big deal; you can replace or buy an innovative one from amazon spending a little extra.

  • Not ideal for hunting

Solution: This bow designed solely for learning archery and for fun. However, you can use the 35# longbow for any small hunting game like squirrel or rabbits. If you are an expert archer and desire to hunt big animals like beer or deer, you can go for another high range bow of SAS.


Q1: Is this bow grip comes with pre-drilled to fit arrow rest?

Ans: Yes! There is a hole in the grip of the bow, and you can set either your arrow rest or supplied one.

Q2: Is this bow suitable for hunting deer?

Ans: No! This bow comes with 35# maximum draw weight which is not suitable for hunting any deer. For hunting game, you can go for SAS Pioneer or another longbow.

Q3: What types of the arrow are suitable to shoot with this bow?

Ans: You can use any forms – carbon or aluminum having a length of at least 28 inches or more.

Q4: Is it a takedown bow or single piece?

Ans: No, this is not a takedown bow. It is a modest one-piece longbow.

Q5: Is this bow perfect for a right-handed person only?

Ans: No, this is an ambidextrous bow allows both right and left-handed person to shoot.

Comparison with other longbow

SAS Pioneer vs. SAS Robin hood bow

Those who love to hunt big game like deer or elk, SAS Pointer traditional wood longbow are perfect for them. It comes up with higher draw weights like 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 pounds and 68-inch bow length.

The Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea construct the riser, and durable fiberglass with Maple lamination shape the arms of the pioneer, together makes the bow durable and sturdy enough. If the budget is not a game changer, then you can go for SAS pioneer. Otherwise SAS Robin hood will be a perfect choice.

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Finally, we can say that the SAS robin hood longbow is an excellent option for practice and competition. The bow introduces many exceptional features within the surprisingly affordable price.

It is entirely light-weight, calm to use, sturdy and fit for both right-handed and left-handed archers. Though it presents a minimal range of draw weights, hope it will not change your mind if you love this bow.

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