SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow Review – 62″ Bow

Black is a desirable color among many archery lovers, especially bow hunters. Because black recurve bow can create an appropriate camouflage pattern to hide behind the trees. So, if you are one who belongs to this group, SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow 62’’ takedown bow is for you. You can choose this bow not only for color, but SAS also has a long experience in the archery industry to manufacture quality products at affordable prices.

SAS Spirit 62 Inches Black Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit 62 takedown is also the most recommended recurve bow for beginners, especially children who want to start their journey into the world of archery. Recommended shooter heights up 5′-7″ and 62-inches bow length are the main features that make Spirit 62 is the best recurve bow for beginners.

Nonetheless, it’s equally suitable adult men or women too, for target practice or recreational shooting even for small hunting games.

Specifications at a glance



Draw Weight 20,26, 30, 32, 36 lbs.
Bow Length 62 inches
Bow Weight 3 lbs.
Hands Right hand only
Draw Length Not Listed
Riser Wooden 

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Features of the SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow


As like other Southland Archery Supply recurve bows, the riser of spirit 62’’ black also made of trio wood like Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea, and Beech. The lamination of these three timber brings a pale yellow furnish in the riser along with making it sturdy.

The dexterity of the riser is suitable for the right hand or left hand only, which means it is not ambidextrous. It is not come up with arrow rest; you have to buy it separately for better performance. According to some customer reviews, we came to know that the riser finishing is not up to the mark, which lessens the chance of use in wet conditions. However, the durable wooden riser will give you the advantage to use in winter as it will not create any cold shock.


Spirit black riser

Maple lamination surrounded by fiberglass makes the limbs flexible and durable. They made such a way that withstand several seasons of backyard and range shooting as well as show resistivity to limb twist.

Methodically takedown limbs will assist you in assembling quickly and making transportation during traveling in between trees. Though the limbs are takedown in nature, it is not suitable for interchange with other brands.

Draw Weights

The SAS black recurve bow comes up with the strengths of 26# to 36#, which is perfect for a beginner. Flawless in a sense that you do not need much power to pull the string, which is a prerequisite for target practice. Required small power means develop less speed during shooting and generate less kinetic energy, which not enough to penetrate a hard cardboard bullseye. However, this is not a big concern in the case of practicing by the beginner.

On the other hand, 36# is worthy enough to shot any small hunting games like turkey or squirrel. So, besides practicing bullseye, you can also drill little hunting with spirit 62 black recurve bow.


The lightweight 3 pounds bow is a perfect match for any archer to shot a long time without any hand cramping or pain. The lightweight is also responsible for bringing a balancing power, which leads to accurate shooting to the target.

The 62 inches bow length is ready to provide you a steady, firm grip and take accurate shots that required a beginner archer. This length also enables you to make a gentle kill in the wild when you progress for bow hunting with this device.


The riser is come up with pre-drilled for the bushing, which allows you to set arrow rest, quiver, or stabilizer what you desire to place. However, as an economical option, the manufacturer did not include any accessories except string in the box.

Table for All SAS Spirit Bows

Bow Name Hands Riser Limbs Color Draw Weight


SAS Spirit 62″ Left or


Wooden White 22-36 lbs. Read Review
SAS Spirit Jr. 54″ Right Wooden White 12-22 lbs. Read Review


  • Great bow made up with good quality materials
  • Structured for the beginning archer
  • Comfortable for young users for having lightweight
  • Better for target shooting
  • Pre-drilled holes for accessories make it easier to use
  • Fully covered by SAS 3-years limited manufacturer warranty

Cons with solution

  • Not suitable to use in rainy atmosphere

Solution: It is unfortunate that the bow comes in a row condition, which is not ideal for use in a wet environment. However, you can coat color to make it withstood against damp weather.  

  • Lower draw weights don’t meet the hunting regulations in selected zip codes

Solution: This is more of a target shooting bow than the hunting. So, it designed with lower draw weights. However, it is a superb tool for target-shooting, which is an accurate and forgiving for the novices who are still trying to correct their poor stance.

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 Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q1: Is this an ambidextrous bow that I can shoot both left and right sides?

Ans: No, this is not ambidextrous. It supports either a left-handed or right-handed shooter. So, before purchase, you have to confirm your hand orientation.

Q2: What is the recommended height of the users?

Ans: The recommended height is 5’7’’ for this bow.

Q3: Can I use an arrow with 26 inches long? 

Ans: Yes, you can. Before purchase arrow, you should measure the draw length, which varies from person to person. To determine the arrow length add 2 or 3 inches with the draw length, or you can take expert help to calculate it.

Comparison with other bows

Sage 62 vs. Spirit 62 Black

If you are not concern about budget and want a lifelong bow, then you can see the super quality Samick sage 62’’ recurve bow instead of spirit.

Sage is come up with a wide range of draw weights (25 to 60 pounds) which is suitable for both beginner and expert archers. Sage is an entirely accurate and powerful bow appropriate for any hunting game, bow fishing as well as target practice.

The riser of sage has cut-past-center and a threaded hole for accepting all necessary accessories. It also includes all relevant tools in the bag.

However, if you want a temporary low budget one for your child or target practice, spirit 62 black color is perfectly OK.

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There are thousands of options available these days, difficult to find an excellent black recurve bow on which you keep trust. The SAS Spirit Black Recurve Bow, 62’’ takedown bow is that and will be a terrific acquisition. This true that it has some downsides, but the advantages easily outweigh those by the 3-years limited warranty offer by Southland archery. So, buy it and improve you or your kid’s archery skill.

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