Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Those who love Spyder or Tiger Shark might like to give the same quality bow for their beloved children. Yes! We talked about the beautiful flashy looks Southwest Archery Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow made by esteemed and long experienced company Southwest Archery Supply. This lightweight and decorative recurve bow specially made for children, teenagers, or small stature men. The best part of which is the bows, either Spyder or Stingray or Tiger takedown, all are designed and developed by the Samick team.

Southwest Archery Tiger Recurve Bow

As the Southwest Archery launched this tiger takedown recurve bow exclusively for the beginners to intermediate archers, they designed lower poundage from 14# to 29# and 48 to 62 inch ranges bow length, which is the perfect specification for the target group.

Southwest made the riser with Tigerwood to bring glitzy looks that easily attract the children or teenagers for their archery practice.

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Specifications at a glance



Draw Weight  14 to 29 lbs.
Bow Weight 2.2 lbs.
Bow Length 48, 54 & 62 inches   
Hands Right and Left-handed
Draw Length Not Listed
Riser Wooden

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Features of the Southwest Archery Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow


Tiger bow riser

The riser is made of naturally sourced wood and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. It is suitable both for the left-handed and right-handed shooter. The difference from other bows is its finishing – it is so glossy and smooth finished that anyone falls in love especially teenagers.

The riser is also pre-drilled with brush bushing. So, you can adjust any accessories like mechanical rest/plungers, sights, stabilizer or quiver with it.

The Lightweight and wooden handle allows youngsters to shot for a long time without any cramping or cold shocking.


There is nothing new to say about the limbs of tiger takedown as all maintain the same tone and quality made by Southwest archery. Yes, like others, the limbs of tiger takedown also made of hard maple lamination and surrounded with black fiberglass.

Tips of the limbs are reinforced and compatible with Fast Flight and Flemish. Like other southwest recurve bows, the limbs are 100% interchangeable (except 54-inch little tiger).

Draw Weight

As we said, the Southwest archery design this tiger bow for little stars, they keep the draw weight range fourteen pounds to twenty-nine pounds. This poundage support long time fun is shooting and target practice without putting any extra pressure on little hands.


Though it designed in the lower range, it is an accurate bow for shooting on the target. The compact design and lightweight tiger bow have almost no vibration during shooting.

The handcrafted riser is made of naturally sourced wood, which is durable and long lasting. So, compared to the price the, overall performance is outstanding.

Accessories and Package

The riser is come up with preinstalled threaded bushing. So, you can set mechanical rest or plunger, stabilizer, or quiver as per your desire. The package also includes the following items.

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  • 1x handcrafted riser (LH or RH)
  • One pair of matching limbs (upper and lower)
  • 1x Dacron string (you can change with Fast Flights)
  • 1x stick on adhesive arrow rest and
  • detailed step by step instructions with photos


  • The beautiful look that others will drool over it
  • Value for the money
  • A good beginner bow
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Handcrafted and ambidextrous
  • Fairly easy to assemble

Cons With Solution

  • Limited range of draw weights so may not fit all.

Solution: Though the options for draw weight is very few, you have a chance to change the limbs with other southwest recurve bows (except 54’’ tiny tiger). However, this tiger bow is a perfect match for beginners, and this draw weight is enough for them.

  • The design may not be attractive to all hunters.

Solution: First of all, this is a fun or target practice recurve bow, not for hunting. So, those on how to think to use it for deer stalking may not like its shiny appearance. For the hunter, the 62-inch tiger shark recurves bow, or Samick Sage is perfect.

  • No Arrows included

Solution: Usually, no bow maker includes any arrow with its package. However, it’s not a big deal to collect suitable arrows from the online marketplace or your nearer archery shops.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q1: What will be the position of arrow rest for a left-handed archer?

Ans: You have to set it on the right side if you are a left handed archer.

Q2: Is this bow withstand in wet season?

Ans: Yes, it coated with waterproof varnish, which is enduring against damp.

Q3: Is it possible to change the limbs with sage one?

Ans: No, the limb pocket of the tiger is a bit narrower than sage, so it will not fit with that.

Comparison with Other Bows 

Tiger Shark vs. Tiger takedown

Indeed, the Southwest Archery Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow is an excellent bow for both beginner and intermediate archer, for pro archers, it will not be enough. So, the expert and beginner archer tiger shark will be a perfect choice, no doubt.

The tiger shark bow is 62 inches long, lightweight, vibrant-free, accurate and come up with a wide range of draw weight 25 pounds to 60 pounds suitable for hunting, target shooting, bow fishing, and a fun.

So, if you want to spend a little extra and think for future Tigershark might be the right choice for you. However, if you do just fun backyard at your home, then tiger takedown is worthy enough. Now the decision is yours.

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Final Verdict

Southwest archer supplies create the beautiful compact, accurate, lightweight Southwest Archery Tiger Takedown Recurve Bow that is the excellent choice for just about anyone looking for an easy learn!Furthermore, it is also a new improved version and an award-winning bow for 2018, rated the perfect kit for beginners interested in Olympic recurve wooden bows.

For a gift to your adored son or daughter or grandson or granddaughter, there is no alternative than the tiger takedown flashy and funny recurve bow.

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