Easton Recurve Bow Kit

Easton Recurve Bow Kit Review – Youth Archery Set

Are you looking for the best youth recurve bow to start shooting archery? Then Easton recurve bow Kit is undoubtedly a great choice. The Easton company is producing archer since 1922, and because of their high quality and long lasting bow, they considered as one of the best recurve bow manufacturers.

It is an attractive bow and perfect to start practicing archery from age 8 to 18. It is slim, lightweight, polymer technology riser and long-lasting glass-reinforced fiberglass limbs. The 52-inch recurve bow allows you to shoot either left or right hand.

However, it comes with an affordable price, and It also has other unique features which encourage us to write the Easton recurve bow review, so that you don’t miss the fantastic bow.

Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow
  • Draw Weight: 10 to 20 pounds
  • Bow length: 52 Inches
  • Bow Weight: 1.3 Ibs.
  • Hand orientation: Left & Right hand
  • Draw Length: 26 inches
  • Riser: Advanced polymer

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Though we are not done yet and we will discuss a lot more unique features about the bow. But if you are already satisfied with the short review, then you can click the button to check the latest price.

Features of Easton Recurve Bow Kit

The recurve bow comes with all the features that you will find necessary while practicing archery. It’s manufactured from durable material which makes it a long-lasting recurve bow. Now let’s see some of the unique features of the bow.

Riser and Limbs

For any recurve bow, riser and limbs are the two most important part. The durability, accuracy mainly depend on these. The riser is made of advanced polymer, and the limbs are made of reinforced fiberglass.

It is 52 inches long, and the company puts special effort to make the bow extremely lightweight. It is only 1.3 lbs. Which help the youth to hold the bow without having any trouble.

Draw weight and length

As the purpose of the bow is to make you good at the archer, that’s why the draw weight of the bow is only 10 to 20 pounds. Because of the light draw weight, the youth find it very easy to operate.

If it’s a 30 to 40 pounds draw weight bow, then it would be challenging for the youth to practice with the bow.

The maximum draw length of the bow is 26 inches which are really impressive. There are very few recurve bows which come with this range of length.

However, if you are looking for a hunting bow, then it may not be suitable for you. There are other hunting bow reviews available in our site such as the “Mandarin Duck Black Hunter”“SAS Maverick Recurve Bow” and so on.

Accuracy and performance

It is a lightweight long recurve bow is really easy to operate. The riser and limbs are made of high-grade material which makes them durable and reliable. The bow also equipped with a finger tab which reduces the pressure to hold an arrow when it is full-draw.

It helps the children to take their time to aim and reduce stress from the shoulder. Because of its built quality and the finger tab, the youth can take their time on each shot and improve their accuracy.


As it is designed for the youth, that’s why the company provides extra care in safety purpose. It comes with the safety equipment. As practicing with the bow, the string run almost touches your arm so wearing arm guard will obviously provide you some extra protection.

Again as the draw weight is quite low, so it can only use for practice purpose. So the chance of an accident is also meager.

Other features

The riser is designed in a way that you can operate it with both hands. Most of the bow comes with only one hand Orientation. So this is obviously a plus point for this bow.

Moreover, the bow comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to do anything rather than inserting a pin. So you can clearly understand how easily you can operate the bow.

Accessories with Easton archery set

The easton beginner archery set comes with a lot of accessories. Easton company provides all the necessary equipment that will need to practice archery. The easton youth recurve bow comes with a recurve bow, three arrows, hip quiver, arm guard, and finger tab.

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  • It’s a lightweight, durable and reliable recurve bow.
  • It’s a lightweight, durable and reliable recurve bow.
  • It comes with a finger tab which reduces the stress from the arm and increases the accuracy
  • The riser and limbs are made with advanced polymer and glass-reinforced fiberglass which make them flexible
  • The bow comes with lots of accessories.
  • You can operate the bow with both hands.
  • It’s preassembled and easy to use.

Cons with Solution

  • It doesn’t come with any strings.

Solution: Yeah, It’s a downside of the bow. But strings are comparatively cheap, and you can find it easily on Amazon.

  • It has quite a bit hand shock and vibration while shooting an arrow.

Solution: Because of the polymer made riser this problem occurs. But apart from this, it is a wonderful bow.

FAQ – Easton beginner recurve bow kit

Q1. Can I use it for hunting?Ans: No, it is only recommended to use the bow for practice purpose. The bow is not strong enough for hunting. Basically, 40 to 50 draw weight recurve bow is recommended for hunting purpose.

Q2. Are the arrows real?Ans: Yes, they are real target arrows. But you can’t use them for hunting; they are not sharp enough for hunting.

Q3. Does it come with any target?Ans: No, the company doesn’t provide any target.

Q4. How long are the bow and the arrows?Ans: It is 52 inches, and the arrows are around 28 1/2 inches long.

Q5. Can an adult use this bow for practice purpose?Ans: Yeah, It’s a 52 inches longbow. So an adult can easily practice with the bow.

Q6. What types of accessories come with the Easton recurve archery set?Ans: Except for the chest guard, the company provides almost all the accessories. The easton beginner recurve bow, three arrows, hip quiver, arm guard, and finger tab.

Comparison with other bows

Easton archer vs. Samick Sage recurve

Samick sage is a nice looking recurve bow with lots of unique features. The bow comes with a draw weight of 25 and 30 pounds. It is a 62 inches longbow and has a maximum 29 inches draw length.

The riser is made of Dimond Wood, and the limbs come with Limbs Hard Maple with Black Fiberglass. Its built quality makes it a durable and reliable bow. It is also full of other features which make the bow special.

Both of these bows are designed as a practice bow. Though the Samick sage Recurve Bow has a higher draw weight, but if you compare with Easton archery, then Easton youth bow is obviously better than Samick recurve bow for beginner.

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The recurve bow is undoubtedly an excellent bow for practicing and learning archery. It is made of durable material which makes it flexible and reliable. It has a promising draw weight and draw length which helps the youth to become a good archer.

The Bow comes with all the accessories which you will find necessary. The Finger tab and arm guard increase the protection. You can operate the bow with both hands.

It also contains so many other features which come with an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a recurve bow, then the Easton recurve bow kit will be obviously an excellent choice for you.

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