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SAS Maverick One Piece Recurve Bow | Traditional Hunting Bow

Are you want to enter into the world of traditional arrows and archery? Then a good recurve bow will act as an excellent starting point. Therefore, nothing better than the SAS Maverick One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow.

This traditional wooden recurve bow brought to you by Maverick Sports is a one piece recurve bow which offers 35# and 55# drawback weight, is a perfect aboriginal hunting weapon.

Strong fiberglass limbs and Makore wood riser, experienced you the most powerful recurve bow at a great price. Hence, to enhance your skill of archery at the next level, this new hunting bow from SAS will help you a lot.

SAS Maverick One Piece Hunting Bow
  • Draw Weight: 35, 40, 45, 50 & 55 lbs.
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Bow weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Riser: Wooden
  • Right Handed Only

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Features of SAS Maverick One Piece Bow


The riser is constructed of using Makore Wood, Zebra, and Chulgam, which are creating a gorgeous combination of lamination and great grain details with a unique look.The rise is an integral part of the limbs; you no need to assemble it as it is not take-down nature. This traditional hunting bow design keeps in mind the right-handed person only.

With this bow, you have to pull the arrow and the string with your left hand to get maximum output. For a left-handed person, this equation or style of hold the bow is entirely different. So, please be sure about your hand orientation before buying.


The limbs of SAS Maverick made of Makore Wood and High Strength Fiberglass. Fiberglass gives the limb enough flexibility to bend and durability not to break against rough handling. Hence, archers especially the beginner’s feels secure with this traditional wooden bow.

We determine the arrow length based on draw length, but the draw length depends on the limbs. Right quality limbs help to get extended draw length and thus the arrow length, which generates more power during hunting.

Draw Weights

SAS Maverick offers an excellent range of drawbacks weights mostly suitable for hunting game. Yes, you can choose your preferred size from 35 pounds to 55 lbs.

In case you are a beginner, you can contact at company help desk directly and ask what the perfect size is for you.


The SAS wooden hunting bow is very slick in design and lightweight (2.5 lbs. only). So, anyone from beginner to senior can use this bow either for hunting or other archery target shootings.

It is one of the best one piece recurve bow, which accurate, quick, and ideal for all regardless of body stature.

You can easily use it and achieve the target swiftly. However, you may feel a little hand shock during shooting with this bow.

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Unfortunately, the Maverick recurve bow does not come with the predrilled condition for allowing accessories like quiver, sights, stabilizers, or plungers. Also, it supplies nothing in the box during purchase.

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  • Slender Shape and Comfortable Feel
  • Great performance and gorgeous looking recurve bow
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Easy to use and perfect for all level
  • Accurate and sturdy enough for hunting most game

Cons with Solution

  • Design only for right-handed

Solution: Right hand is a default size; most of the customers ask for it. If you are a left-handed one, unfortunately, you have to look further for other brands which are support both. For your assistance, we can suggest you read our SAS Spirit review.

  • More hand shock than many competitors

Solution: It is true that you feel some hand shock during shooting, however this not significant enough to distract your aim. So, with a little practice, you might overcome this.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Is the bow best for squirrel and other backyard games?Ans.: Yes, it is all-good for hunting small animals and all types of birds like wild turkey, rabbit. You can enjoy yourself with your friends in the backyard too.Q2: Am I need to buy the string separately?Ans.: No, String included in the box. Q3: Am I need to set up the bow manually?Ans.: No, it comes in all set conditions and one piece bow.

Q4: What is the draw length?Ans.: The draw length is the measure of your arm length and muscle power. You can achieve the answer by practicing. If you are a newbie, visit nearer archery shop, and the owner will help you to sort out this.Q5: Are the limbs black colored or clear fiberglass?Ans.: The limbs are matte black colored

Comparison with PSE Razorback

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow vs. Maverick Right Hand

Both the bow are right-handed by default — the riser of Razorback made of Walnut, Burma White Wood, and Beechwood and limbs made of Maple wood/fiberglass laminate.

Razorback also supplies Stabilizer and sight bushings. It is a bit longer – 62’’ and support 5’-7’’ archer. However, Razorback comes only one size – 30# against multiple sizes of Maverick.

So, as per our opinion, Maverick is more suitable for any archer than the PSE  Razorback if not a beginner, and we can say that it is one of the best recurve bow for bow hunters.

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Final Thought

It is one of the best traditional recurve bows. You can quickly go for hunting or enter into the fun of backyard shooting with this SAS Maverick Traditional Wood Hunting Bow.

However, you could purchase some more things with the bow like Armguard, handguard, arrow rest, stringer tool, string pin, and string wax. Stringer tool for stringing very quickly, string pin for setting the arrow correctly with the string, and it helps the bolt from slipping. String wax helps to keep your rope in a good position for a long time.

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