Compound Bow Vs Recurve Bow

Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow | Descriptive Comparison

Those who want to start archery freshly might see different bows in online or nearby shops and getting puzzled that ‘ Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow’ – which one is better?’ However, it is the most common question among beginners.

The principle of both the bow is the same, and both created to shoot arrows either for archery competition or hunting or refreshment only. Like resemblances, there have some contrasts too. Let’s join us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type before going for main topics.

What Is A Recurve Bow?

Recurve bow is known as a traditional bow because it used around the world in different form and shapes from the beginning of the bow history. It is more straightforward in design, only has a bow frame (sometimes single part, sometimes three-part) and a single string.

The main feature of this bow for which it named recurve is the limbs that curve away from towards the archer at the ends.

Samick sage Bow
Sinoart Falcon Metal Riser Recurve Bow

Mostly, recurve bows are traditionally made of wood, but modern versions are using carbon or fiberglass lamination in limbs and metal riser to provide greater strength and durability.

What Is A Compound Bow?

The compound bow is the modern counterpart of the recurve bow using the latest technologies and materials to build. It is made up of several strings and pulleys attached to the limbs, which generally made of aluminum or carbon. It becomes a favorite weapon due to its robust and compact body which makes ambush games ideal for a vast terrain.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow
Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow

The Power of Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow

If we compare between the two bows, the compound is more potent than the recurve one. The optimum drawback weight for both the bow is 70 pounds as you can accomplish pretty much anything with this power. However, if all other things remain constant, you will not get the same power from both the bow. Without doubt, compound bow will give you better performance than a recurve bow because of string and pulley arrangement.

Power of Recurve
Power of Compound

Which Is Far Accurate, Compound Or Recurve? 

The longer strings and multiple cam alignment of a compound bow will allow the archer to generate more power during pullback. This let-off power makes it easier to hold the bow as it takes 50% less strength to draw back the arrow and improve stability. Because of this stability, it will not let your handshaking during shooting, which allows hitting the target more accurately.

Bow Accuracy Comparison

On the other hand, to pull the same draw weight in a recurve bow, you have to employ the same strength. If you want to draw 70 pounds, you will require the same force to hold the string, which creates some shakiness of your hand and reduced accuracy. So, the compound bow can deliver more efficiency than a recurve bow.

The Size Of Recurve vs Compound Bow 

A compound bow is smaller in size but consists more parts like cams, stops, and multiple strings and the extra thickness of the riser to cope up with the strain makes it a heavier one than a recurve bow. So, regarding weight, the recurve bow is more straightforward and lighter than a compound bow.

Which is Far Portable, Compound Or Recurve? 

Modern recurve bows come with takedown features and easy to transport during the journey. Conversely, you never break down a compound bow in its parts because of its complex assembling process. However, a compound bow is always ready to shoot, and a takedown recurve bow need some time to set, and then you able to pull the string.

Which is Far Adjustable, Compound Or Recurve? 

A recurve bow will not allow you to adjust the draw weight or length easily. What you can do, you can change the limbs to increase or decrease the draw weight for some branded bows. In the case of a compound bow, you can adjust the draw weight or length by fine-tuning the camps or other tools in a wide range. So, a compound bow is more versatile than a recurve bow.

Compound Or Recurve Which is Far Durable?

The manufacturer using the same durable materials to construct modern recurve bow and compound bow. High strength wood or aluminum used for making of the riser of recurve bow. Whereas aluminum or carbon used for craft the riser of the compound bow. Wood lamination is a standard material used to construct limbs of both types of bow

The Price Of Compound Or Recurve. Which Is Affordable?

Recurve bow is simple in design, as well as not an expensive option for archery. Conversely, a compound is a bit complex in design and built with various parts than a recurve bow. So, to buy a good quality recurve bow, you have to spend half price than a compound bow. To check your desirable compound bow reviews and their price, you may check here.

Maintenance and Repair ability of Compound Vs. Recurve

As we said, the recurve bow is simple in design; it is straightforward to fix too. You can string or unstring a recurve bow without difficulty. The limb of a recurve bow damaged, you can set it with a bolt or change it with a similar one. In the case of a compound bow, you never do the above. So, maintenance or repair is smoother to recurve bow.

Accessories of Compound And Recurve

Using accessories like sights or trigger release is most common in compound bows. All the attachments of a compound bow mutually help you to shoot an arrow accurately. These are also found in recurve bows but not universal for all. Usually, to fire arrows with the recurve bow, mostly, you have to depend on your human skill instead of using accessories.

Anatomy of recurve bow
anatomy of a compound bow

 Which is far Stylish, Compound And Recurve?

The scope of exhibit styles is broader in case of a recurve bow instead of a compound bow. Like southwest archery tiger shark recurve bow, or Samick Sage Takedown are the combination of unique craftsmanship.

So, Which One is Right for you?

We learn a lot about both the bow from our above discussion to reach the final decision – which one is factual for me? Both the bow have some pros and cons which depends on for what purpose we use it.

If we think of using a bow wholly for hunting, a compound bow will be the first choice. Because, it needs 50% less force to pull the string to get the same braw back power, accurate and smaller in size. On the other hand, if we think for archery competition like Olympic – there is no alternative other than a recurve bow.

Whatsoever, our today’s topic is to choose the best bow for the beginner. According to Coach Zeober, a member of the advisory committee of the Washington State University 4H Shooting Sports explains details on this learn-archery blogs. Here we like to quote his comments for your convenience.

The recurve bow provides a lot more feedback for both the archer and the instructor meaning flaws in form and technique will almost always be more accessible to identify.

Conversely, the compound bow has the effect of concealing minor (and sometimes major) flaws in drawing technique and execution mainly when a release mechanism is employed.

In the past, we would let the parent dictate what type of bow the new archer would use. Today we insist that all the archers who come through our entry-level courses use a recurve for at least the first 12 or more lessons.

The concepts and skills learned while using a recurve are unique, but the student becomes more aware of motor skill and control in a shorter time frame.

In the end, if they choose to shoot a compound bow, they will be a superior archer compared to someone who learns on a compound.

Some might argue this point, but our experience has shown that our students who start on a recurve bow before switching to a compound bow are in fact better archers.This can only be quantified by comparing the archers on our competitive team who shoot higher scores and have won more medals in competition than those who started on a compound bow with no previous experience with a recurve.In closing all we can say is that it requires more motor skill and control to be a competent archer with a recurve bow than it does with a compound bow, but ultimately the choice is up to the archer.”

Final Thought For Making Decision

In summary of our compound bow vs recurve bow Comparison, we can say that for the beginner archer who wants to build them for the championship – recurve bow is the best choice. Moreover, for any other purpose like hunting, bow fishing, or youth archery, you can choose either recurve or compound – it’s up to you.

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