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SAS Snake Recurve Bow Review | 60 Inch Ambidextrous Bow

After reviewing the fantastic PSE Snake, we approach here to introduce you to another best beginner recurve bow that is suitable for small children to adults – SAS Snake Recurve Bow.

The SAS Snake Bow is a one piece 60-inch all combined bow. You no need to tense about your hand orientation during shooting as this bow is usual to shoot either one left or right hand and is textbook for all archers from teenagers to adult men or women. It is also one among many the flexible and lightweight bows available on the market.

SAS Snake
  • Draw Weight: 18 to 26 lbs. 
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Bow Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous 
  • Composite Structure Riser

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The manufacturer – Southland Archery Supply conducted several stringent tests on this bow in different extreme conditions and found suitable to perform in every state.

All the features of this ambidextrous recurve bow make it perfect for a youth holiday camp, patio shooters, or anyone who wants to have some fun in archery.

The Features of SAS Snake Recurve Bow

Composite Riser

As a one part bow, it is difficult to discuss on the riser separately. However, we assume that the center part of the SAS bow is the riser, and it made of composite fiberglass. As like takedown bow, you could not separate this center part from the limbs.

Though its non-takedown arrangement makes you uncomfortable to carry the bow during wayfaring, it will give you enough solidity that you can use it regularly for a long time.

Furthermore, you would not need to lump together it during shooting or take down during storage thanks to its one part design. It also ambidextrous in nature means you cut the tension about the hand orientation and play at your backyard with your friends even if there is a mix of right and left hand.

Limbs and Draw Weights

Like riser, we assume that the limbs of the SAS snake recurve are the two edges of the bow. It made of fiberglass and joined the riser in the middle. A string connected the ends of the limbs to shoot arrows. The limbs come up with very narrow drawback weight option 18 – 26 pounds, which makes it perfect for teenagers who are just beginning to learn archery as well as for younger kids.

This range is also ideal for adult beginners as well as man and women those who are short body stature — the limbs composed of wood and laminated fiberglass.


The SAS Snake looks very sleek design and lightweight. However, there is no scope to think that it is not a durable one. Moreover, it will last for long due to its composite construction in spite of rough or careless handling by children.

The best part is that this bow has been constructed with high strength composite materials to endure harsh treatments as well as tested sensibly. Even if you bend, throw, and try to break it, it will keep its original shape. It is almost an indestructible bow.


You know the SAS Snake is available in 16 to 22 pounds to draw weights only, which means it is possibly not an excellent choice for hunting, but it works perfectly for target shooting—particularly for beginners or smaller archers who are not ready for heavier draw weights.It’s an accurate bow for the archery range or high target shooting too. It’s true that it doesn’t suspend the arrows with sufficient power, but with its accuracy, you could maintain 2-inch groupings from 25 yards, and in case of cover the 40 yards distance, you have to consider 4-inch clusters.


It is a single-piece bow and slim design, so it doesn’t make it possible to drill it easily. Because of that, it is not possible to set any attachments with this model. However, with this simple and accurate bow, you can shot without the help of any accessories.

The box includes a SAS Snake Bow, two String Nocks, two Stick-on Arrow Rest RH, and two Stick-on Arrow Rest LH.

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Pros of SAS Snake

  • Svelte and lightweight
  • Easy to draw and carry around
  • Durable and Affordable
  • Suitable for right and left-handed persons
  • Required no assembly

Cons with Solutions

  • Weak arrow rest

Solution: The supply arrow rest is not good enough. It is work just like a starter. For better arrow rest if you want to use them, you can purchase either from SAS or from the marketplace.

  • No instruction in the box

Solution: As it is straightforward to use and assemble, the manufacturer might not think of the importance of added instruction for stringing this bow. If you are the first user, you may take help from any pro or search on the stringing procedure on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Is the riser made of wood?Ans: No. the riser constructed with composite fiberglass.

Q2: Does it includes arrows in the box or have to buy separately?Ans: There is no arrow in the box; you have to purchase it separately. To get quality arrows for target practicing check this article.

Q3: Can I use this bow for hunting?Ans: Possibly not. This bow is mostly used for fun shooting and archery practice by beginners and children.

 SAS Snake VS SinoArt Lion – Comparison

If you are not satisfied with simple one or two draw weight options and looking for something stylish, then you think for SinoArt Lion. It will offer you high strength metal riser – for long-lasting along with a wide range of draw weights started from 30 to 70 pounds.

The hard edges of the handle of the riser and limb pockets of the SinoArt Lion 62 rounded to provide a sleeker, lighter weight, and more comfortable experience.

You can purchase the limbs separately to increase or decrease weight as needed. You can use this bow for hunting, besides archery shootings. However, an only right-handed person can shoot with this bow.

So, now it is your choice that you want to spend double to get a more featured bow or stay with a simple but durable one.

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Final Thought

The SAS Snake Recurve bow is a dazzling choice for youngsters who are thinking of starting the sport of archery and find fun during shooting. It is simple in design, comfortable to grip, and ready to start shooting as soon as it’s out of the box. So, by purchase this, your money will not be lost.

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