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PSE Snake Recurve Bow Review – Youth Bow

PSE is a well-known bow manufacturer introduce you the PSE Snake Recurve Bow specially designed for young archers or teenagers. Are you a teen, looking for a perfect bow to learn the archery or fun? Then the composite structure one piece 60″ PSE Snake bow is an excellent choice for you.

It is an ambidextrous recurve bow allow you to shoot either left or right hand. Not only children, but adult archer also find fun to shot with this Bow.

It is one of the most durable and light-in-weight recurve bows on the market. The bow is an excellent choice for youth camps, backyard shooters also having fun in the archery.

PSE Snake
  • 22 lbs. Draw Weight
  • 60 Inches Bow Length
  • 2 lbs Bow Weight
  • Ambidextrous Bow
  • 29 Inches Draw Length
  • Composite riser

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PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow is also a hunter’s dream. You’ve heard nothing but good stuff about PSE-10.

Features of PSE Snake Recurve Bow

Riser of PSE Snake

pse archery snake recurve bow designed a one-piece bow, and the riser constructed the center part of it. It interconnected with the limbs and had a grip for the hands — the risers made of a combination of both wood and lamination.

As a one part bow, the riser comes with pre-assembled with the limbs, so you do not need to assemble it again. It is sturdy enough, and under the most extreme circumstances, we couldn’t find any problem with the bow.

Limbs of the  Snake Bow

The limbs of the PSE snake recurve are the upper and lower parts of the bow. It joins with the riser in the middle. The string is included and connects to the end of the limbs.

The limbs have a fixed draw weight 22# which is perfect for children and adult women — the limbs composed of wood and laminated fiberglass.

Draw Weights

It comes with an only one draw weight 22# which is perfect for beginner to intermediate. However, if you want to play big hunting game, this bow is not for you.

Performance of PSE Snake 60 Recurve Bow

Though the Snake bow not a powerful one with its 22# draw weight, it is accurate and sturdy enough for the archery range or high target shooting.

It doesn’t suspend the arrows with enough power. With the accuracy of PSE 10, you could maintain 2-inch groupings from 25 yards, and 4-inch clusters from 40 yards distance smoothly.

Besides accuracy, this lightweight bow is a useful instrument for fun backyard shooting by your children and friends too.


It is a one-piece bow and comes with no pre-drilled condition as well as it is not possible to drill it to set any attachments. However, with this simple and accurate bow, you can shot without the help of any accessories.

It is also mentionable that, PSE supplies a string, a nock, and an arrow rest with this bow, though the string is not good enough for use long time.

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Pros of PSE Snake

  • Ambidextrous design
  • One-piece design makes assembly an instant
  • Very accurate bow for archery shooting in this price range
  • Splendid! It is near to indestructible
  • Easy-to-use by the beginner
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry

Cons with Solutions

  • Only available in 22# draw weight

Solution: The bow indeed support only one size. However, PSE 10 is an excellent bow for the beginner to shoot accurately on the target. If you want a bigger size bow, you may check out other models of PSE too.

  • No bow stringer and arrows included

Solution: Yes! It comes with no stringer and arrows. For stringing or D-String, you have to purchase a stringer separately. Moreover, you can use any brand of aluminum or carbon arrows with this bow.

  • Included string wears out quickly

Solution: PSE consists of the string only for the initial practice test. For strong performance and longtime practice, it is better to change it with a new good quality string

FAQ  for PSE Snake Recurve

Q1: What length of the arrow is suitable to shoot with this bow?

Ans.: As the draw length is about 29 inch, 30 – 32 inches arrow will be perfect for this bow.

Q2: What is the color of the bow?

Ans.: It comes with flat back paint.

Q3: Is it a takedown bow?

Ans.: No. It is not a takedown bow. It is one part bow.

Q4: Is this bow suitable for a 12 years old child?

Ans.: It comes with 22# draw weight, which is very much suitable for a 12 years old young for youth camp or backyard shooting.

Q5: What is the difference between PSE Silver Snake and PSE 10 Snake?

Ans.: PSE Silver is silver colored, and PSE 10 is a black colored bow.

PSE Snake Bow Vs SAS Snake

If you compare the PSE 10 Snake recurve bow with the SAS one, you will find all the features identically same, except the brand name. However, if you visit Amazon to purchase the SAS Snake recurve bow you have to pay a bit extra, not a significant amount.

So, it is your choice, either you go for PSE or SAS – both are renowned in the archery field.

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Final Verdict

The PSE Snake Recurve bow is a brilliant option for the young beginner who’s looking to get into the sport of archery. It is simple in design, ergonomic handle, included string, arrow nock and rest, and pre-assembled that you will be ready to start shooting as soon as it’s out of the box. So, you can choose this as a gift to your lovely child.

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