Tiger shark Recurve Bow Review – 60″ One Piece Bow

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Nowadays, Tigershark Recurve Bow Review - 60" Recurve Hunting Bow is one of the most popular traditional bows. Tiger shark recurve bow presents you the fast and accurate shooting, and comfortable no hand-shock features thanks of it’s reflex/deflex design limbs and comparatively large size riser.

This one-piece hunting bow is designed and engineered by the same Samick Sage bow developers. It’s a highly recommended bow for the beginner archers because it is easier to shoot and pre-drilled for bushings for attaching accessories.

However, it is not less suitable for an expert hunter for their hunting game and archery competitions.

tiger shark one piece recurve bow
  • Draw Weight: 25 – 60 lbs.
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Hands: Right or Left
  • Riser: Wood
  • List Element

If you go through our details the features and benefits on Tiger Shark Bow Review, you will surely understand it is an advanced version of Sage.

Features of Tiger shark Recurve Bow


Southwest Archery, the most famous name in the industry of traditional and modern bows since 20+ years. They are well-known about the criteria’s that need to be an Olympian or to become a professional hunter. Most importantly they know the requirements of an archer.

Based on their long experience Southwest crafted the riser of Tiger shark combined with four naturally sourced kinds of wood (Dymond wood, Tigerwood, White Oak, and Padouk) to create this beautiful bow.

It is a perfect choice for just about anyone – novice or beginner or seasoned archer!

The ergonomically designed riser makes gripping very smooth and comfortable both for right and left orientation archers. Due to its ambidextrous features, you have not tense about your hand orientation much during taking purchase decision.

The combination of four different wood not only increase its beauty but the thermostatic nature also swell the comfy to grip in all weather, as you will not feel any cold or hot shock like metal riser.

The arrow shelf of the riser comes with the cut past center so that you can shoot the arrow directly pointing where you want. It also allows you to use a mechanical arrow rest (flipper style rest with a plunger.


Though it designed by Sage engineer, it is not take-down one. The limbs made of two-layer laminated hard maple rounded with matte black fiberglass — reinforced tips that make the bow compatible with Fastflight and Flemish string.

Those who are interested in archery for recreational shooting or hunting or want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, tiger shark one piece recurve bow is a perfect choice.

Draw Weights

Could you recall that we already said that this bow is great for novice, beginner or seasoned archer? The sizes 25 to 60 pounds with 5 lbs increment proof that statement well. 

We know that for apprentice archer 25-pound drawback weight is a good starter evenly 50 or 60 pounds is an excellent choice for hunting or bow fishing. So, what size you need Southwest Archery made Tiger Shark is ready to serve you.


Tiger Shark 60" is the best one piece recurve bow ideal for all gender and age of archers for bow hunting, target practice, and traditional archery. Hence, hunting big game like deer or elk or bear is not a big deal if you have one Tiger Shark with you. You can compete in the Olympic Games too with this great bow.

The best parts are you will feel no hand shock during shooting because of its large size riser and lightweight bow. Usually, it’s a pretty noiseless bow; if you add some silencer on the right point of the string, it will be more peaceful for hunting with a 45+ poundage one.


Southwest Archery one piece Tiger Shark bow comes with pre-drilled brush bushing which allow all sorts of fittings required to target practice and for bow hunting or recreational shooting or bow fishing whatever you like to do with it. You can set arrow rest, shelf pads, sights or quiver, fishing reels or stabilizer too.

The package includes – one handcrafted 60” one piece recurve bow (LH or RH), one 14 strand Dacron string, pre-installed shelf pad, and detailed step by step instructions with photos.

The stringer tool is optional. If your package excluded a stringer tool, then select the options w/stringer to have one included. Precaution: using a stringer-tool is mandatory to claim warranty and safe way to assemble and disassemble the bow correctly.


  • Incredible quality at an affordable price
  • Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate
  • It shoots smooth, accurate, and quiet
  • Elegant design, satin finish, with rounded edges and a comfortable grip
  • Reinforced limb tips allow Fast-flight and Flemish string
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty if you registered online
  • USA Based Company – ensure warranty and support

Cons with Solution

  • De-lamination after a day of use

Solution: It is unfortunate and not happen frequently. However, Southwest Archery is a USA based company offer excellent warranty and customer support. So, you will get a solution in any of your problems without ask question whenever you required.

  • One piece bow, not a takedown

Solution: Yes! It is true that tiger shark comes with one piece in traditional look which a bit difficult to carry a long distance. However, this lightweight and the precise bow is an excellent choice for any hunter.

Important FAQ

Q1: What type of string come with the package?
Ans.: 14 strand Dacron string included in the box.

Q2: Is it compatible with Fastflight strings?
Ans.: Yes! The limbs reinforced which allow any Fastflight or Flemish string to use in this bow.

Q3: What is the thickness of the handle?
Ans.: The thickness of the grip is approx. 1-1/8" wide at the throat area and 1-3/4" at the front to back side.

Q4: Is it supplies any sight or quiver to attach with this bow?
Ans.: No! The box does not include any sight or quiver. However, you can order it from the marketplace. Kwikee Kwiver or Selway quiver and sights are fit for this bow.

Comparison with Hoyt Buffalo

Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow vs. Tiger Shark 60

Hoyt is one of the oldest companies in the archery world, doing their business since 1931. It situated at Salt Lake City, Utah. Hoyt is an organization that feels proud because of its American heritage.

Their manufactured bows are well-known for its most exceptional quality, and their top-end technological innovation makes them competitive and well tested for Olympic competition.

However, Tiger shark is more upgraded bow than the Hoyt and offer an affordable price. So, you can choose a beautifully designed shark as your archery companion without any doubt.


Southwest Archery manufactured Tiger shark Recurve Bow Review closely looks like many high-end bows such as Hoyt and Bear Archery Grizzly. However, you will never find a bow with an advantage of an affordable price tag and unique wood design.

Though it designed by the Samick Sage engineers, it is a perfect upgrade from those for them whose are looking for a higher quality one piece bow. Top of that USA based warranty will not match with other brands. So you can keep trust on this fantastic bow blindly.

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