Crosman Sentinel Recurve Bow

Crosman Sentinel Recurve Bow Review And Inspection

Sometimes a single step becomes the life-changing moment for someone and getting into archery could be the vital step for your child. Archery is something which improves day by day and by acquiring this skill your child could productively pass their free time. But to introduce your youth to archery, one of the basic equipment you will need is a recurve bow.

Obviously, there are thousands of options available for you but selecting the best recurve bow is the challenging part. We go through hundreds of youth recurve bow reviews and find out that the Crosman Sentinel Recurve Bow is one of the best youth recurve bow.

crosman Archery Sentinel youth recurve Bow
  • Draw weight: 20 pounds
  • Bow Length: 45 Inches 
  • Bow Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Right hand
  • Draw Length: 25 Inches
  • Riser: Composite

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The recurve bow made of high-grade material, and its accuracy is also impressive. They are famous for the mid-range archery products and getting your youth into archery, and this could be a wise choice.Now, if you want to buy this Crosman Recurve Bow then click the check price button.

For further knowledge, read the whole review so that you know all the detail of the recurve bow.

Features of Crosman Sentinel Recurve Bow

The Crosman Archery is known as one of the most reputed recurve bow maker because their bow is manufactured from durable material and you can see the reflection of modern technology in their products. Let’s see some of the unique features of this sentinel Bow.

Riser and Limbs

For any sentinel bow riser and limbs are one of the vital, and the durability of the bow mostly depend on it. The riser and limbs made of composite material which makes it lighter but increases its durability. 

They are quite long and hard. The scientifically designed riser and limbs will obviously improve your youths shooting, and they will have a quality time while practicing with it.

Draw Weight and length

The draw weight of the Crosman sentinel bow is relatively light as it is mainly designed for the youths. Its draw weight is 20 pounds, and children’s can quickly draw the bow without any struggle.

So you can say, people of all ages can start practicing with this bow and become a good archer. As its strings have been engraved profoundly and tight, that’s why it’s quite easy to operate.

On the other hand, the crossman bow has a maximum of 25 inches draw length. The sentinel youth longbow has a mechanism that when the bow is drawn, it compresses with a relative tension that limits the strength of the archer.

Finger Tab

It is one of the features which make this bow unique from other Recurve bow. The finger tab is designed to reduce the pressure to hold an arrow when it is full-draw.

It helps the children to take their time to aim and reduce stress from the shoulder which allows them to practice smoothly. This finger tab is one of the key features which makes it as one of the popular youth bow.


Accuracy is must for any bow, and Crosman youth recurve bow is not an exception of that. The finger tab feature of the bow reduces the pressure to hold an arrow when it is full-draw and allows them to take their time to shoot. The scientifically developed riser and limb also play a vital role to increase the accuracy of the bow.


For safety protection, it is necessary to wear an armguard during shooting practice as the string run almost touches your arm. The youth who are in the learning stage must wear the armguard and other safety equipment like finger tab, chest guard.

Beside the chest guard, all other safety equipment provided by the Crosman Archery manufacturer.

Package Includes

The package comes with dozens of extra accessories which you need while practicing with this bow. It includes a sentinel bow and arrow (2 composite youth arrows), two-piece quiver, arm guard, finger tab, pin sight, and arrow rest.

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Pros of Sentinel Recurve Bow

  • The design and the color combination of the bow really eye catchy.
  • It comes with a finger tab which reduces the pressure and increases the accuracy.
  • The bow comes with various safety equipment like arm guard, finger tab
  • It is durable, lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • It’s reliable and comes at an affordable price

Cons with Solution

  • It can Only use for practicing and not suitable for hunting.

Solution: Yes, it is not convenient for hunting because the maximum draw weight is 20 pounds which suitable practicing, but if you are looking for a hunting bow, then SAS Pioneer Longbow could be a wise choice.

  • Package doesn’t include any Target.

Solution: As it is a mid-level recursive bow, that’s why the company failed to provide Target and extra arrow. But you can order it from the market place, and these are quite cheap; so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

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Q 1: Can I use it for hunting?Ans: No, it is only recommended to use the bow for practice purpose. The bow is not strong enough for hunting. It is exclusively designed for the youth to practice with the bow.

Q 2: Can an adult use this bow for practice purpose?Ans: Definitely, the bow length, draw weight, and another feature allows people of all ages to practice with the bow.

Q 3: What are the length of the limbs and the bow weight?Ans: The limbs are 45 inches long and the crosman bow is only 2.8 pounds’ weight.

Q 4: What is the length of the arrow?Ans: The arrows are made of composite material, and their length is 26 inches long.

Q 5: Does it come with a target?Ans: Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t come with a target.

Crosman Sentinel Bow Vs kaimei 48 Inch Bow

The Kaimai 48-inch recurve bow is a fantastic bow which comes with many features. It has three adjustable draw weight, and you can adjust it between 14 to 16.5 pounds. Length of the bow is also, and you can customize it between 48.5 to 50 inches.

The bow has 8 pcs fiber arrow, 2 pcs target paper and other accessories.Both of the recurve bows are mainly manufactured for practicing, but the Crosman Sentinel Bow is definitely a better one.

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Final Verdict

The crosman Archery Sentinel Bow is made of high-grade material which ensures its durability and reliability. It is lightweight and comfortable to use.

The limbs and draw weight is also perfect for archery. Those who want to develop their skill for hunting and target shooting, the Crossman youth recurve bow could be a wise choice for them.

Finally, we can say that the Crosman Sentinel Recurve Bow comes with an affordable price and if you are willing to buy the best youth recurve bow then this could be a great choice.

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