Bear Bullseye X Recurve Bow Review and Inspection

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Bear Archery is one of the well-known recurve bow manufacturers who are producing bow for decades. They mostly made archer for teenager or pre-teens, age starts from 12 years. Among the various models of the bear archery, the Bear Bullseye X recurve bow is one of the best recurve bows for children. The bow is lightweight, reliable and comes with an affordable price.

The archer x came with an elegant design and made of high-grade material. It comes with two different draw weight and different bow length. The company puts special effort to ensure the accuracy of each shot.

So, if you are thinking about buying a bow, then this might be a good choice for you. Its accuracy will obviously inspire your youth to be a skillful archer.

bear bullseye x bow
  • Draw Weight: 25 and 29 pounds
  • Bow Length: 48”, 54”, 62”
  • Bow Weight: 2 pound
  • Hand Orientation: Right handed
  • Riser: Wooden
  • Draw Length: 22 - 29 inches

If you are satisfied with the short intro and willing to buy the bow, then click the price button. to know more features and other specifications read the review of the bear archery bullseye x recurve bow review.

Features of Bear Archery Bullseye x Recurve bow

The recurve bow comes with a bunch of unique accessories which make the bow special. It’s constructed from durable materials which make the bow long-lasting. Now let’s see some of the unique features of the  bullseye x recurve bow.

Riser and limbs

The riser is one of the essential parts of any recurve bow, and the bear recurve bow is made of quality wood. The riser is responsible for ensuring the stability of the bow. The wooden riser provides perfect grip and durability of the bow. It also comes with a multi-laminate limb which makes the bow long-lasting.

Riser and limbs are the two key part for any recurve bow. The lightweight construction makes it easy for the youth to practice with the bow. It’s a takedown bow, and you can quickly assemble the riser and the limbs without any hassle.

Draw weight and Draw length

The bow comes with two different draw weight, and you can select them according to your comfort zone. The 48-inch bow can give you 25-pound draw weight, and the 54 inch and 62-inch bow come with 29 pounds draw weight. 

As it is mainly designed for the youth, that’s why the company keep the bow weight minimum so that it’s become easy to practice with the bow. Even the adults can also practice with this fantastic bow.

Accuracy and Performance

The bear bullseye bow is undoubtedly a great bow to practice and learn archery. The wooden riser ensures perfect grip and stability. Though you can only use the bow with the right hand only, but its traditional classic design might impress you.

The riser offers sight and arrow rest mounting holes which gives extra stability and accuracy while shooting with the bow.

bear bullseye x

It is obviously a great feature, and there are few bows in this price comes with this feature. The bow has a higher practicing range, and you can shoot around 25/30 yards with a higher rate of accuracy.

It’s a takedown bow which is surprisingly easy to assemble. There are hundreds of videos available on the internet which will help you. Because of its takedown feature, carrying the bow is also really comfortable.

Great for Beginners

The bow mainly designed for the Youth and the children are of the age of 12 or up can use this bow. Its only 2 pound’s weight and the kids can raise it easily. 

But the adults can also practice with the bow as it is also a great bow for beginner and entry level archer.Its higher rate of accuracy and sight and arrow-rest holes make aiming and firing easier.

What we liked

  • It’s an attractive looking lightweight bow
  • The wooden riser and multi-laminate limbs ensure perfect grip and stability.
  • The bow comes with different draw weight and draws length, and you can select them according to your comfort zone.
  • It has a sight and arrow rest mounting holes which gives extra stability and accuracy while shooting with the bow.
  • It has a range of 25 to 30 yards with a higher rate of accuracy.
  • The bow is durable, reliable and perfect for the beginners.
  • It comes with an affordable price.

Cons with Solution

  • It does not come with any accessories like the finger tab, protective gears and so on.

Solution: Yes. It’s a downside of the bow. As the bow comes with a low price, so buying the accessories won’t be a big problem. You can easily find them in the our Accessories section and get from amazon.

  • It is a bit noisy.

Solution: Yeah, it’s quite a problem, but if you analyze its accuracy and other features then you may consider it. But if you want you could fix the problem by simply using string silencer.​​​​

FAQ for Bullseye Recurve bow

Q1. Does the bow come with a string?
Ans: Yes, the company provides a string with it.

Q2. What are the draw weight and bow weight of it?
Ans: The bow is only 2 pound’s weight, and it comes with different draw weights, and those are 25 pounds and 29 pounds.

Q3. What size of the arrow should I use with the bow? Does the bow come with any arrow?                                                                          

Ans: Any arrow with the length of 26 inches or more than it is fine. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide any arrow with it.

Q4. What is the maximum draw length of the bow?
Ans: The maximum draw length is between 27 and 29 inches.

Q5. How far can I shoot with the bow?
Ans: The bow usually shot 25/30 yards with a high rate accuracy.

Q6. Can I use it for hunting?
Ans: The bow is designed for the youth for practicing purpose only. The recurve bow is not strong enough for hunting. Actually, 40 to 50 draw weight recurve bow is recommended for hunting purpose. But you can use it for hunting rabbit though it’s not supporting it.

Bear bullseye x vs. Kaimei Hunter

The kaimei Hunter bow is obviously a great bow with lots of unique features. The bow comes with a metal riser, and the limbs are made of hard maple and fiberglass composites laminated.

Because of the metal riser, the bow is a little bit heavy, and it has a draw weight between 30 to 50 pounds. The bow is suitable for both beginners and adults. It is a takedown bow and comes with a lot affordable price.

The kaimei Hunter bow is undoubtedly a great hunting bow. But it’s not so suitable for as a practicing bow. So, if you are thinking about buying a practice bow for your youth, then Bear archery bullseye x is obviously a better option.


There is no doubt that the Bear Bullseye X Recurve Bow is a quality recurve bow. It has some of the best features like the sight and arrow rest mounting holes which is very rare. The riser and limbs are also coming with durable material which ensures the longevity of the bow. 

Some may say that it doesn’t come with any accessories or little bit noisy, but if you compare with the price, then you will find it more than worthy. So, if you are thinking about buying a bow for your child, then this might be an excellent choice for you.

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