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AF Archery Laminated Turkish Recurve Bow Review

Did you want to travel to the Ottoman Empire? In our AF Turkish Bow review, you will have an effect of traditional Turkish bow. Turkish bows widely used during the Ottoman Empire as an effective weapon. It is a composite type recurve bow made by Ashwood, fiberglass, bamboo lamination, and entirely handmade.

Flat belly, short and small in size are some significant features of AF Traditional Laminated Handmade Bow With an outside handle of Turkish Recurve Bow, it’s swift to shoot any big game.

AF Archery is a bona fide, and prominent Turkish bow making company emphasized using the best materials while crafting their bows, makes it better and high performance along with looking beautiful and sturdy. You will feel lucky when you know that every AF Turkish bows are made of utmost care by some extraordinarily professional archers.

AF Archery Laminated Turkish Bow
  • 25-50 lbs. Draw Weight
  • 49 Inches in Length
  • 2.2 lbs. Bow Weight
  • Both Left and Right handed
  • 32 Inches Draw Length
  • Wood & Bamboo Riser

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Features of Af Turkish Recurve Bow


AF Turkish recurve handmade longbow made by using glass fiber and laminated bamboo. Bow belly and both ends of the limbs are made of Pterocarpus Soyauxii, a kind of African premium quality coral wood. A crazy horse leather wrap around the grip ensures comfort during shooting.

The tips of limbs are glass laminated with plastic string brace, making it long lasting and suitable for high-end strings. The manufacturing process is done by hand instead of modern machines to retain the traditional touch in every bow.


One of the significant fixtures of Turkish handcrafted recurve bow is its high shooting speed. According to a chronograph test, the average speed of an arrow shot by AF Turkish is 178 feet per second, which a bit higher than other similar bows in the market.

A short and small structure with an outward handle is responsible for this faster shot.

Draw Weight

Another exciting feature of Turkish traditional archery bow is its vast range of draw weight started from 20 pounds to 50 pounds. If anyone feels that he/she cannot pull the high poundage bow, 25 pounds with 28-inch draw length AF bow is a better option for them.

On the other hand, seasoned archers who love hunting game 40 pounds or higher draw weight will be the perfect choice for them.There is a connection between draw lengths and draw weight, so before deciding to calculate your draw length will be a good step.


AF Archery is not supplied any arrows with it. So, you have to purchase it from the market. You can use any carbon arrow with this bow like X-Buster 500 or Carbon Express Heritage 150s. If your draw length is 28 inches, the arrow length should be 31 inches, 2 to 3 inch higher than the draw length.

Whatever arrow you use, careful about the weight that it not so light or not so heavy. You can calculate the arrow weight by multiplication of the bow poundage by 0.6.

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As we said, the Turkish bow and arrows are the best known for its speed, and AF laminated recurve bow is not exceptions of that. Moreover, the hand truck is ergonomically designed and had the opportunity to shoot big animals like Elk or Deer. It’s almost vibration free, so you will not feel any shock during shooting and can maintain accuracy.

Items include: one bow, one string, and a bow bag


  • Sturdy design and looks stunning for decent Matt furnish
  • Fast, accurate and more forgiving in nature
  • Low vibration and accurate
  • Good customer service
  • Lightweight
  • Standard brace height 6.7 to 7 inch

Cons With Solution

  • Little noisy bow

Solution: With lots of positive features, the only downside of this recurve bow is the loudness. However, you can minimize it quickly by using a silencer. You can make silencer at your home too by a paracord; you can cut a long cord in six pieces 2-2½ inch each, pull the filler out, and put them in the string in a proper distance from the string bridges. They skirmish apart on their own after a few dozen shots, without wasting your time doing that by hand one by one.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the country of origin?

Ans: AF laminated wood bow is manufactured in China.

Q: Can I use a high-end string like Flemish or FastFlight?

Ans: The limbs of AF recurve bow made of glass lamination, which is compatible with any high-quality string. You can use Flemish or FastFlight too.

Q: Is the bow good enough for hunting or not?

Ans: Yes, this bow is very much convenient for hunting game. It is fast, accurate, and forgiving, which are the essential attributes for hunting.

Final Verdict

It’s challenging to find a recurve bow, which almost defects free as like the AF Archery Turkish Recurve Bow Review. It is an incredible bow, very fast, very accurate, good work, and an excellent price. Also, excellent customer service and all five start customer feedback making it one of the best handmade recurve bow. To enjoy your archery game, you can rely on AF Turkish bow undoubtedly.

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