Buffalo Hunting Bow Review

Buffalo Hunting Bow Review – Handmade Longbow

Do you want to back to the basics? Horsebow or reflex bow is an original recurve bows that are widely used by Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, and part of African countries before the age of gunpowder. By nature, Buffalo hunting bow resembles the Mongolian bows that used for hunting at mountain areas or shooting during riding on the horse because of their short length and exceptionally recurve features. Buffalo Handmade Hunting Longbow will bring the exact feelings of traditional horsebow if you touch it once.

During unstrung this old-style Buffalo Bow, it will be curved away from the archer and forming C shape; at the same time, because of flexibility, the limb tips almost touch, forming an O shape. The short profile of this fantastic handmade bow and arrow made them highly successful as hunting bows.

Buffalo Hunting Handmade Longbow
  • 30 – 65 lbs. Draw Weight
  • 53 inches in Length
  • 2 lbs. Bow Weight
  • Left and Right handed
  • 29.5inch – 31.5inch Draw Length

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Sososhoot Buffalo archery designed its bow for adults and introduced a range of poundage to enjoying the hunting game. You can practice or shoot using this bow all day without or slight discomfort.

It is very fast and accurate that match the aesthetics. For the price, it is merely one of the best recurve bow in the market that provides you enough fun during shooting.

Buffalo Hunting Bow – In Depth Discussion

Riser and Limbs

The Buffalo handmade hunting bow is an Asiatic-style horsebow consists a handle and siyahs connected with lightweight, thin but sturdy limbs. The handle and siyahs made of wood and the arms made with modern fiberglass, which makes it flexible and dependable against year and year of harsh uses. The fiberglass limbs also help you to keep tension free during the wet season.

Buffalo Archery combines multiple colors in its horsebow, which makes it’s a great showcase piece during the tournament. The limbs are wrap-up with the red cobra snakeskin edging by cream and white color. Hence, the dark black handle in the center part brings a decent look.

The 53’’ bow is entirely handmade under the strict supervision of 30 years old master. Though it made by hand, Buffalo archery try their best to avoid chromatism between each product. However, there is still a bit dissimilarity, which is negligible.


Buffalo handmade bow and arrow set is operational both for right-handed and left-handed horse bow shooters. It is an excellent bow for target practice and hunting; this weapon boasts a great balance and durability. The handmade configuration of this bow makes your favorite choice for outdoor hunting and shooting adventures.


Like other branded recurve bows, you no need to go for searching arrows separately as the Buffalo has its experience craftsman both for bow and arrow. They are masters for manufacturing different kinds of hunting arrows like Shiraki, Carbon Steel or bamboo, and so on. They also impeccably maintain a balance between the weight of the bow and the arrow spine.

Comfort and Accuracy

The unique style of handmade hunting bows advocates its grip, which ready to provide maximum support with high accuracy. Because of the degree of comfort and, accuracy, it’s become a suitable weapon for hunting and target practice by women, teens, and experienced archers.

Other features

You have already known that this is a Mongolian Style bow, because of that Buffalo makes it 53inch long and the string length 50inch. However, it comes with a full draw weight 30 to 65 pounds with 29.5 to 31.5-inch draw lengths, which are perfect for any hunting game by a beginner or professional archers. The most important features of a bow required for smooth hunting is its loudness, buffalo recurve bow is incredibly silent and almost handshake free. 

The package comes up with an arrow rest and a target to get you started. Usually, it has no hole to set the arrow rest, but you can set it yourself. However, it is recommended not to use the arrow rest if it is not extremely necessary to keep the bow strong.

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  • Lighter and smoother
  • Unique design with original red cobra skin
  • Comfortable grip useful for any style archery arrows
  • Suitable for hunting and target practice for a long time without soreness
  • Very smooth draw and release
  • Very little hand-shock and silent
  • Flexible and sturdy handmade bow

Cons with Solution

You have to change the string after some shots as it is not up to the mark. However, the beech tips will help you to use a good quality string in this bow.

It would help if you bought an arrow from the market as the Buffalo Archery doesn’t come up with any arrows. There is a chance to miss lead by the news that the hunting bow includes arrow rest and target. So carefully read the words arrow and rest, do not confuse with an arrow. Ha ha ha!

Some customer feedback that the paper target supplied by the manufacturer is not a useful thing at all.

FAQ for Buffalo Bow

Q: Is this bow suitable for hunting small animals like rabbits or squirrels?

Ans: It is a perfect bow for all hunting games, small or big, no matter.

Q: What type of arrow is best for use with this bow?

Ans: Arrows made by bamboo are the best for use it as this bow resembles Mongolian bow. However, you can also use Shiraki or Carbon Steel arrows.

Q: Is it possible to increase the draw weight up to 110 pounds in this bow?

Ans: The maximum permissible poundage is 65 to 70 pound. If you extend it further, it may break down

Longbowmaker Pigskin Vs Buffalo Bow

If you are looking for a longbow which poundage is higher than the Buffalo, then you can check Longbowmaker traditional Mongolian bow as it offers 20 to 110 pounds. It made of wood, pigskin, cow leather, glass steel, and beech, which gives it durability and beautiful looks. However, except for the draw weight, other features are almost similar to the Buffalo Handmade hunting bow.

According to the performance, Longbowmaker is also hand shock free faster and accurate like Buffalo traditional bow. Regarding price, both are in the same range. Considering all if you like traditional handmade horse bow, you can go for Buffalo.

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Final Verdict

The Buffalo Hunting Bow Handmade Recurve Horsebow Longbow is undoubtedly one of the best possible bows you could ever use. If you are eagerly sourcing for a handmade traditional recurve bow instead of modernized one, then you’re on the right track because this bow is made by an old master who’s been making bows and arrows more than 30 years, so it guaranteed that this one is among the best. You can purchase it if you love target practice and hunting game with speed and accuracy.

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