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Bear Montana Longbow Review for 2021

Bear Archery is a well-known brand in the archery industry and producing high-quality bows for decades. Among their hundreds of bow models, the bear montana longbow is known as one of the best hunting longbows.

The bow is mainly designed for archers above 18 years. It comes with a classic traditional design which never failed to attract its users.

The bow manufactured from the best materials which make it durable, reliable and flexible. The riser ensures the perfect grip and the limbs provide the necessary strength.

montana longbow
  • Draw Weight: 30,35,40,45,50,55,60 pounds
  • Bow length: 64 inches
  • Bow Weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Hand orientation: Right handed
  • Materials: Maple wood
  • Draw Length: 26 to 28 inches

It offers you a different draw weight, and because of its strength, it becomes the number one choice for any bow hunter. That’s why we decide to write bear archery montana longbow review.

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 Features of Bear Montana Longbow

Any recurve bow considered as unique because of its features and the bear montana hunting longbow  is full with lots of unique functionalities. So, without wasting any time, let’s see in details of Bear Montana bow.


Riser is obviously a critical part for any bow, and a quality Riser obviously improves the accuracy of the bow. The Riser is composed of sturdy maple wood and its warp with soft leather which ensures perfect grip.

The leather grip does not put effects on the arrow speed. It not only gives the bow a classic traditional bow outlook but also ensure accuracy and grip. There are very few longbows which come with such reliable Riser.


Limbs are the backbone of any recurve bow because they provide the necessary strength of the bow. The bow comes with a white maple core which is covered by fiberglass.

Its fiberglass furnished ensures a long-lasting and reliable bow. The brown Riser and white limbs also create a perfect combination.

Draw Weight

The bow comes with seven different draw weight, and those are between 30 to 60 pounds. Draw weight is undoubtedly significant for hunting.

As it’s a longbow, so after purchasing the bow, you cannot change the draw weight and be sure about the draw weight before buying the bow.

So, if you are looking for an ideal bow for hunting a deer, then it might be the right choice.

Bow length and draw length

It is a 64 inches longbow and as it’s a bow designed for the adults that why the company makes it slightly longer than traditional bows. But you should know that; longbows are better for hunting rather than the regular recurve bows. It also has a satisfactory draw length of 26 inches to 28 inches.


The bow comes with a D-97 Flemish Strings and the fast flight string ensure continuous shooting. So, if you miss your 1st shot, then you can take your second shot in seconds. Another thing, you can use a string silencer you don’t like the bow noise.

Other features

It is a right-hand bow, and you can obviously expect premium performance from the bow. Its reliable construction absorbs most of the vibration. The design of the bow is also quite impressive.

It is ideal for hunting and practicing so; you can use the bow for both purposes. It also ensures high accuracy because of its advanced riser. You can expect high penetration because of its strong limbs.

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Pros of Montana Longbow

  • It comes with an attractive design with brown and white combination.
  • The Riser and limbs are made of durable materials.
  • It is long-lasting and reliable.
  • The Riser ensures perfect grip.
  • It offers a variety of draw weight.
  • The bow comes with a fast flight shooting string.
  • It is ideal for both hunting and practice.

Cons with Solution

  • The bow is quite expensive.

Solution: Yes, it may seem expensive, but if you consider its features and quality then you will find it worth it. Besides, if you want the best, then you have to spend some extra.

  • It doesn’t come with any accessories.

Solution: Yes, it is a downside of the bow. But you can find your necessary accessories in the market, and you can easily order them by spending some bucks.


Q1. Which length of the arrow should I use with the bow?Ans: It actually depends on your draw length. If your draw length is 28 inches, then you should use the arrow length of 30 inches or more. But in general, 30 or 31 inches of arrows should be fine for the bow.

Q2. What is the bow length of the bow?Ans: Its quite a longbow and its 64 inches.

Q3. Is it ideal for hunting a deer?Ans: Yes, it is a mighty bow, and you can use the 45 to 60 draw weight bow. You can expect high penetration with the bow.

Q4. Does it come with any accessories?Ans: Unfortunately, no. The bow set doesn’t come with any accessories.

Q5. Does it come with a string? What length of the string is needed for the bow?Ans: Yes, the bow comes with a fast flight shooting string. You will need a 61 inches long string for the bow.

Bear Montana vs. Huntingdoor Longbow

The Huntingdoor Longbow is another legendary longbow which comes with a beautiful black cobra skin design. It offers a 50 pounds draw weight which is strong enough to hunt a deer.

It’s made of durable material, and its limbs are made of high strength of transparent resin while the handles are made of Imported beech. The traditional looking bow is easy to transport. Its maximum draw length is 34 inches, and the bow length is 53 inches.

Besides its durable constriction, the bow comes with both hand orientations. It is lightweight and effortless to operate. However, you will need a longer arrow to shoot with this bow. So, if you want a traditional bow with an affordable price tag, then it could be a wise option.

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Final Thoughts on bear montana Review

If you have no problem with the budget, then bear montana bow is obviously a good choice for you. It is durable, lightweight, reliable and comes with some unique features.

Besides that, it smoothly launches an arrow, so the chances of feeling any vibration are much low. It may not come with any accessories, but if you overlook that, it’s the best recurve bow in the market.

It contains all the features that a hunter may look in his bow. Its advanced Riser ensures accuracy and strong limbs ensures ultimate penetration.

So, if you are willing to buy a longbow, then the bear montana longbow could be a wise choice for you.

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